Seikowave Creating Custom Masks with 3D Laser Scanning

Saving doctors and nurses all over the world

Matt Bellis, president of Seikowave, was about to close the doors of his technological business when the outbreak of COVID-19 hit his home. He then realized that the technology he uses to help evaluate pipelines for gas and oil could help create resources for local hospitals.

Seikowave is a technology company that focuses on 3D laser scanning and printing to evaluate pipes throughout the United Kingdom. Matt Bellis realized there was great potential to keep his company running by creating sustainable and customizable masks for doctors.

As this pandemic grows and takes more lives, doctors and nurses become more at risk for this virus to attack them. 3D laser scanning allows Seikowave to take accurate scans of someone’s face without putting anyone at risk or spreading any germs. It is done with lasers and lights, rather than someone having to come in contact with another person to get measurements.

It is an extraordinary technology that has now become limelight in the health community. Seikowave spent an entire weekend transforming the work environment to be able to produce as many customized masks that they could. They are working out a few kinks, but once it is up and running, they will hopefully be able to help provide hospitals with the necessary equipment they need at a heavily discounted rate.

Right not doctors are wearing whatever they have, and it isn’t always comfortable. A lot of nurses and doctors choose to take off their protective gear because it is highly uncomfortable and gets in the way of them saving lives. 3D laser scanning allows new masks to be created specifically for someone’s face. It is a sustainable, budget-friendly way to get a customized face mask that could save doctors and nurses throughout the UK.

What are the benefits of using 3D laser scanning

This technology is one of the most precise tools you can find on the market, 3D laser scanning collects information at high speed, and from there can be printed just as quickly. It would take humans hours to gather these details, and social interaction could allow this virus to spread more. Right now, taking the human touch out of it is what nurses and doctors need to save lives.

3D laser scanning provides a way to use all of the information collected as a future reference. All of the information obtained through this technology gets stored in the cloud. It is saved forever and can be sent to anyone around the world. It creates a free source of information for anyone in a matter of minutes.

3D laser scanning is sustainable and budget-friendly for a wide variety of uses. This technology has emerged in many different fields and is rapidly becoming adopted all over the world.

This technology is changing the medical field

COVID-19 has changed our world, every country has been hit with this virus. We are all finding ways to help battle this and slow the spread of the virus until doctors and scientists find a vaccine. Technological companies are becoming more involved in the health industry because they understand the importance of saving lives.

3D laser scanning has become one of the best tools to help battle this pandemic, and as more companies switch gears to help, the better chance we have of saving doctors and nurses all over the world.

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