Dentistry with 3D Scanning

Making jobs easier and patients' lives better

3D laser scanners have become one of the most budget-friendly tools on the market. This tool has made it into the dentistry field, creating something called teledentistry. What is this? It is when the dentist uses technology to help a patient. 3D laser scanning has made this field easier and has really bloomed over the last few years for many reasons. This technology has helped create files online, save information, take accurate scans, and helped patients feel comfortable. The 3D laser scanning devices are advancing rapidly, and we are figuring out how to use it in the best way possible.

What is 3D laser scanning

This technology uses a handheld device that takes rapid pictures. However, in the dentistry field, it is actually a tiny camera that shines lasers on teeth, creating data points to capture. It takes thousands of pictures per second and is way more accurate than a pair of eyes with magnifiers.

It captures every single piece of information you could think of. For instance, it captures each individual tooth size, shape, color, texture. It can see cavities, and if the 3D laser scanning device is strong enough, it can see problems inside the tooth or around the gums. It is such advanced technology, and there are many more reasons for its adoption in this field.

Why dentists love 3D laser scanning

There are many reasons that the dentistry field benefits from this technology, and as things progress and advance in this field, there will be more amazing uses.

  • Filing system- Every time a dentist has to take a mold of someone’s teeth and print out a copy, they have to save a physical copy for a certain number of years. Using 3D laser scanning gives them a way to save a digital replica of the patient’s actual mouth. This saves so much space, this alone makes it a great tool to have in the office.
  • Timing- instead of sending molds, and pictures through snail mail. 3D laser scanning allows information to be sent directly to the person creating the molds. It does not harm a patient’s confidentiality agreement but really speeds along the process.
  • Accuracy- This technology is some of the best because even though it is small, it can capture huge details, in a few minutes, that a dentist could accidentally miss. It is fast but misses nothing. It allows a dentist to see things in depth.
  • Comfortable- When a dentist is in a patient’s mouth for hours, it is uncomfortable for everyone involved. This takes the time-consuming part out, making the patient more comfortable.

Things in this field are advancing fast, and soon the latest versions of this technology will help dentists worldwide.

Final thoughts

Many professional doctors and dentists use this technology. It has made their jobs easier, and patients’ lives healthier. We are now turning to technology to keep our lives healthier. 3D laser scanning has upgraded our everyday lives and improved our quality of living.

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