Doglike Robot is Being Adopted in Construction Sites

3d laser scanners save time and protect people from injuries

3D laser scanners have emerged in many different areas and are now being slowly picked up by construction teams. A new style of this technology has been developed and has the characteristics of a dog. It has the ability to go into places that are deemed dangerous for humans to go. This new development in 3D laser scanners can save time on big projects, and protect humans from getting hurt.

What is this technology

3D laser scanners were developed in the 1960s but weren’t truly used until the 1990s and since then have developed into amazing pieces of equipment. This technology used to consist of giant cameras set up around an object that would take pictures and download the images collected from the cameras, and researchers could see the images in 2D on the computer.

Now, this technology has evolved into handheld devices that are easy to use and manipulate. The latest advancement has put these small scanners on a robot that can walk over any terrain. It can take rapid pictures, thousands per second. Collecting thousands of microscopic details that an average human cannot see.

After the data is collected, it is saved forever in the cloud, and then it can be uploaded in a partnering system where it can be viewed. The users can edit the images, 3D print, and create virtual reality collected from the information.

Who else can benefit from this technology

This technology used to be for researchers but has now expanded to many different fields. Students can download an app on their smartphones to take accurate measurements and pictures, using it as a stud aid. Doctors can take full-body scans in under a few minutes to find underlying problems that standard x-ray machines could now pick up. Now it is slowly being implemented in multiple areas and will continue to expand in uses.

The Dog-Bot Joining construction teams

Boston Dynamics partnered with Faro technologies to create the latest 3D laser scanner. This 3D scanner is aimed and designed for construction managers, who are looking to implement safer ways to collect information on a site without endangering any human lives.

They have named this dog-bot Spot, it can walk up and down any set of stairs, and move over any surfaces. This product is still being tested by a team that is making sure this dog bot will be up to the tasks any construction team needs. There has been no talk of letting others use this device, but could be adopted once it is thoroughly tested.

The dog can carry many different pieces of equipment, up to 25 pounds, this includes the 3D laser scanner. This piece of equipment is an attractive idea that many wish to adopt. It can scan any area and capture precise details that would be masked to the human eye.

The conclusion

3D laser scanners will continue to be adopted as more advancements come out for public use. It has helped many fields become safer and will continue to help with the quality of consumers’ lives.

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