Duplicate Your Image With 3D Laser Scanning

Imaging creating a "mini-me" of yourself

3D laser scanning has entered our world at full speed and has created a stir in the technology community. It has come out with so many different uses that people all over the world are adopting changing consumer lives in many different ways. Now the latest trend with 3D laser scanning is creating “mini me’s”! You can easily create an exact image of yourself in a small version.

Jim Haberchak, the owner of 3D Keepsakes, has created a company that focuses on scanning images of a person and creating 3D little versions of their image. It’s quick, straightforward, and noninvasive. You won’t have to spend hours getting pictures done, being drawn, or anything that requires too much effort on your part. In fact, it’s kind of fun!

Haberchak started with his friends and family, perfecting the way he would run his business, and in May of 2019, he opened his doors for everyone to use. It has been a massive hit because it is a fun new way to use 3D laser scanning.

The process and who uses this service

This is one of the most refreshing and most unique things you can do to save your image at a time you think is important to remember yourself or someone else. The process of getting scanned only takes about 5 minutes, and it is incredibly accurate, gathering all of the little details. On the consumer end, that is all they have to do. After 3-4 weeks, a small mini version of you will be ready to be picked up or will be shipped to you.

Though scanning only takes 5 minutes, the images that are collected get sent to an outside company that goes through the images, edits, and then prints them. It is more time consuming on their part, but still takes less time than making the figurines by hand.

All sorts of people have been using this service. Parents bring their children in to get their kids scanned, this makes a perfect gift for the grandparents that live far away. Athletes come in with their uniforms to get examined so they can look back and remember who they were at this time. It’s also a great way to get figurines for T.V. shows! There are many uses, and it’s popular because it only takes a few minutes to get scanned.

How 3D laser scanning works

This technology is some of the best because it is entirely noninvasive, there is no paper trail, and it is sustainable. It also cuts the amount of human interaction in half. It creates a custom-made product in less time than making a handmade product. That is why 3D laser scanning has become so popular.

3D laser scanning takes rapid pictures of an object collecting all sorts of details a human might miss. This technology can obtain things like texture, color, sizes, and anything else you can think of. It is some of the most precise technology you will find on the market.

Final thoughts

3D laser scanning is one of the most useful tools that has created a lot of new uses. Haberchak has made a fun way to use this technology and started a whole business based on it. As more advanced versions come out, getting a mini figurine will become faster and easier than you could have ever imagined.

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