3D Laser Scanning Used for Custom Wheelchair Accessories

A proper headrest can prevent neck strain and other problems

3D laser scanning has given us a way to create custom made products that we can 3D print with incredible speed. This technology has provided ways of providing those in need the opportunity to have things they usually would not be able to get at a low cost. Many companies all over the world are adopting the use of 3D laser scanning due to its many benefits.

A team of researchers has started using 3D laser scanning and printing to create custom headrests for wheelchairs. Not all individuals need this, but this could save someone a lot of pain that the regular headrests give. An improper headrest could cause strain in the neck, causing other problems, unnecessary fatigue, and overall muscle stiffness. Creating a custom-made headrest can solve all of these problems.

3D laser scanning has created a way to create something quickly without putting in hours of work, making the patient or other person wait for weeks at a time. This also helps get rid of the problems basic headrests come with and can save someone a lot of pain.

The process the team used

These researchers were dedicated to making the perfect headrests because it would change lives. With the help of volunteers, they were able to use 3D laser scanning technology to get accurate details of someone’s head. With those scans, they were able to transfer them to a partnering system called Autodesk Fusion 360, where they could custom design a headrest for the individual. Once it was analyzed and looked over, the team of researchers was able to 3D print the design for it to be used.

How 3D laser scanning works

3D laser scanning has become one of the best tools on the market that many professionals are adopting. There have been so many uses for this technology because it is so versatile and relatively budget-friendly.

This technology takes thousands of pictures every single second while also shining lasers on an object. These lights or lasers measure how long it takes for the light to bounce back to the equipment. All of these things working together allow the user to capture information like size, shape, dimension, textures, or any abnormalities in under a few minutes.

Once the information is obtained, it is saved forever in the cloud. Then the data can be sent across the world to anyone who wants it, the information can be shared with the public or other companies. It can be 3D printed for actual use, or it can be turned into virtual reality. Creating a 3D file is one of the best ways to save and share information because it can be used in so many different ways.

Final thoughts

3D laser scanning has truly shaped our world, and many hospitals are adopting this technology because they see the benefits of using it to help patients in need. It creates a more relaxed environment for someone because 3D laser scanning is noninvasive and doesn’t require anyone to be poked or prodded. As newer versions of this technology come out, more doctors all over the world will start using this technology.

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