Ear Canals Captured By 3D Laser Scanning

3D Laser Scanning Services in your ears

You probably have something that you stick in your ear on a daily basis. That is unless you are a member of one of those unreached tribes in the Amazon jungle. It would be hard to go a day without seeing someone putting something in their ear. It could be some bluetooth device for the phone, some earplugs to muffle sound, some earplugs for swimming, or even a hearing aid. There is all kind of reason these days to be doing that. It only makes sense to have companies like Lentos Technologies making a 3D laser scanning services device that can get the exact shape of the inside of your ear. This is especially helpful for people who have to wear hearing aids that they wear all day. 3D laser scanning services has a solution to make it fit perfectly.

3D laser scanning services makes the process easy

The device that this company produces is FDA-approved and allows who work with hearing-aid patients to get a quick, non-contact scan of a patient’s ear. The process is so quick that after finishing 3D laser scanning services, they can use a 3D printer to create a customized mold of the ear. Of course we can see the this technology would not just be useful for hearing aids. Audio device manufacturers could take advantage of this too. This is what people are looking for today. Technology is making the way do things better. Now that we can do it. audiologists, musicians, and manufacturers are all going to start taking advantage of it.

3D laser scanning adds comfort to the process

Using 3D scanning services to create earpieces is a much better way than what has been used in the past. Before and even today earpieces are being made by sticking silicone inside someones ear and then letting it harden. They then pull it out after it hardens and the end result is a piece of silicone in the shape of the person’s ear canal. An earpiece can then be made using that mold. I don’t know about you, but that doesn’t sound very comfortable. The new and better way to get this think done is by using 3D laser scanning services. An earpiece made with 3D laser scanning services is a simple process. It takes a lot less steps that the silicone method. Not only that, but it also is much more accurate than sticking putty in the ear. The 3D laser scanner does not even need to touch the ear canal in order to get the shape of it. After the digital file has been made, the file can be sent electronically to anywhere, instantly. 

It should be no surprise that 3D laser scanning for ear canals are going to take over the process. If it able to speed up the process, make it more comfortable to customer than the business. Since it is such a non-invasive way to create an earpiece, I think we can expect to see it used a lot more for earphone devices

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