Recreating Art With Scanning

3D laser scanning has opened up a unique world where we can easily recreate pieces of art. Of course, no one can sell it as the real deal, but it can become an exact duplicate without harming the original piece. A workshop in Spain has utilized this tool like no other and helps us learn how they have created ‘fake’ versions of famous art pieces. It helps repair damage to see clearer versions of the pieces and allows researchers to piece together broken fragments.

Factum Arte, run by Adam Lowe, helps recreate historical art pieces that we would never be able to see put together or inspect up close. 3D laser scanning has changed areas of art that we never would have imagined. On top of that, it is allowing historical researchers and artists to learn new things about past paintings and statues.

This technology has been introduced in the artistic world and is now merging art and tech like we have never seen. It is used to revive old pieces but also creates completely new pieces that would never have been.

How artists are using 3D laser scanning

The year 2020 has brought some historical changes that we hope to never relive but always remember. Artists worldwide have taken advantage of this technology, and here are some of the amazing things that have been done.

Capturing the black lives matter movement

Events in America led to protests across the world, and many artists were able to utilize 3D laser scanning devices to capture this historic movement. Artists were able to fully scan individuals and capture them from every angle. It will immortalize the movement, allow guests to see these people in-depth, and truly understand the photo’s feeling.

Selling pieces online

Thanks to COVID, many art galleries and artists had to start thinking outside of the box to sell their pieces. Instead of shipping it worldwide to be seen, an artist can use 3D laser scanning to capture the image and essence from every angle. The scanner can upload an entire gallery to an online platform where guests can fully see the art pieces and bid on them.

Creating historic statues

Making statues is no easy task. It involves finding someone who can stay still long enough to be drawn and photographed. However, this process can now be cut in half thanks to 3D laser scanning. It allows rapid pictures to be taken and all measurements to be captured in under a few moments. This allows the artists to have accurate real-life measurements to create an exact replica of a person.

Final thoughts

Artists have started to adopt 3D laser scanning due to some significant reasons, but it is here to stay, and we will see the rise of this technology in the art world. Many artists have seen the amazing benefits of 3D scanning, and it will continue to expand. We are excited to see all of the new pieces and historical pieces that emerge in the following years.

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