Video Gait Analysis Uses 3D Laser Scanning

Gait is a fancy medical term for how you walk or run. Analyzing your knee or foot gait means a doctor analyzes and understands how your body moves and how you may have hurt your foot or knee. To treat a patient with a hurt foot, they use videos to analyze a patient, but they have also adopted 3D laser scanning to go more in-depth.

This technology allows doctors to understand which part of your foot is working and which is not. This allows them to understand what type of treatment would be necessary to help your bodywork and move correctly. The doctors can study and observe the videos taken and pinpoint the exact problem and show their patients the problems.

This allows a better visualization for the patients, helps the doctors keep track of all issues, and records patient processes over time. It can help resolve issues of paint and help the patients return to normal activity.

What else can 3D laser scanning do for the medical community

This technology has improved massively since coming out in the 1960s and has grown immensely throughout the last several years. There are now many types of 3D laser scanning devices that allow doctors and researchers to see more in-depth than ever before.

Full-body scanning

There is massive 3D laser scanning equipment that actually allows doctors to see someone’s entire body. It allows them to see everything at once but also to see below the skin’s surface. It can mix 3D scanning and x rays to get a full picture of above and below the surface. It can help them see exactly what is wrong with a patient.

Feet scanning

This technology can now help develop and create insoles that promote comfort for shoes. It can also allow doctors to create special insoles to address any problems. Many podiatrists have adopted smaller scanners that their patients can directly step on.

Micro scanning

Dentists have always been some of the best people to adopt 3D laser scanning. There are now tiny scanning devices that can fit in patients’ mouths and help speed the process of creating crowns and analyzing tooth problems. This can lead to patients feeling more comfortable with the dentist and help patients stay loyal.

Handheld face scanning

On top of the many other amazing types of scanning and benefits, this one is by far the best. Researchers can scan a doctor’s face and help create custom made personal protective equipment that is much more comfortable to wear all day long. This can save many lives in the future.

How this technology works

Many of these 3D laser scanning devices work in the same way. Every one of them takes rapid pictures of a patient and collects cloud points on the object. Some small sensors or scanners are measured by how far they travel.

Final thoughts

All of the information can be analyzed in a CAD program. It allows the doctors to edit the whole picture and analyze all problems while at the same time saving it digitally. Many doctors need to keep patient information for a certain number of years, and saving it digitally can save physical storage space for many. It allows them to show the patient how something is progressing over the years to come. We will see more doctors and hospitals adopt 3D laser scanning.

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