Business Going Online During COVID-19

During COVID-19, many stores had no choice but to turn to online revenue. This could be exceedingly challenging if a business has never been online. One entrepreneur created a solution to this problem that involved 3D laser scanning and a simple app. His name is Eobin Alex George, who emerged at just the right time to help companies worldwide and created the company ISGOINGONLINE. There is no doubt this company will go far in the business world.

This company helps small shops set up their store website in as little as 60 minutes and allows them to sell across many platforms like eBay and Amazon. It is completely mobile friendly making it easy for stores to adopt. Anyone can download the app, and it will help them take accurate scans of their products.

There are three basic plans to choose from, but all of them allow you to use the 3D laser scanning app to take pictures of products. This company has transformed a basic app into a highly accurate tool that allows people to list their products in great detail.

Why use 3D laser scanning to build a store

This technology is some of the most accurate in the entire world though it wasn’t always. It has developed into something extraordinary that lets us take a look more in-depth, even while browsing online. Here are some of the reasons a company may want to adopt this tool and work with ISGOINGONLINE.

Noninvasive and not harmful

One thing that may concern owners who handle antiques or other things that can be hard to represent online is handling. Many items need to be handled less to preserve quality. That is where 3D laser scanning apps exceed expectations.

There is no need to handle the object; all users have to do is aim, point the lens, and walk around the item. This allows the object to maintain its well-preserved state and gives online users to accurately see the object they’re buying online.

Information is protected

Everything the 3D laser scanning device picks up is saved in the cloud. That is an online server, and once the information is there, it can never be erased but is fully protected. This is the perfect place to keep information for future reference.

Easier to create an online store

With 3D laser scanning, you can be your own photographer. There is no need to hire a professional photographer because scanning allows you to get the most accurate photos of your products. It allows potential customers to see every side of the object, and they can see exactly what they’re buying in detail.

Final thoughts

3D laser scanning has changed the way we shop online but also the way we create online stores. It allows for all items to be uploaded easily and allows potential buyers to view those items at many angles. As COVID-19 rages on globally, we will see more companies turn to online buyers. We see a rise in this technology’s use, and it will not go down any time soon.

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