Floor Mats Made by 3D Laser Scanning Services

3D laser Scanning Services is under your feet

3D laser scanning services is moving down the track. It’s sticking its nose in all kinds of places. You name it and they have probably scanned it. If they haven’t scanned, they are on their way there now with scanner in hand. It has done agriculture, automotive, aerospace, manufacturing, architecture, and everything in between. “Scanned everything, my foot!” you say? Indeed 3D scanning services is ready to scan your foot. After it’s done, you can get some fancy footwear. Hang on to your shoe laces because it gets even better. 3D laser scanning services can do what is under your feet, namely, your floor mat.

3D laser scanning under your feet

How about getting a custom made floor mat for your ride? Companies like Oedro and X-act are doing this exact thing. I am talking about a car mat that was specially crafted after doing a 3D laser scan of the floor board. In fact, you may already have one. A lot of car makers are using this technology to fit car mats. That includes not just the front and the back seat mats, but also the trunk section. These car mats are made specifically to have a snug fit with just the right measurements. These companies that I just mentioned are making high quality, custom-fit mats that will protect your car and protect your feet. The last thing that you want when you go to sell your car is a worn spot in the car mat from your shoes.

What is it all about?

In case you are not  familiar with the workings of 3D laser scanning and what it is, here is a little idea. 3D laser scanning is a technology that takes a laser device that can measure distance. The laser scanner has a laser and a sensor which is used to measure the distance of an object from the scanner. Each measurement is recorded as a data point. The scanning device can take millions of these measurements and then put them all together in a point cloud. That point cloud is basically a 3D virtual representation of the object. The object can then be reconstructed as a digital image.

3D laser scanning services get the shape of the floor

So how does 3D laser scanning services work for making floor mats? Basically, it can do it by using the digital representation of the car floor. A virtual model can be used to get exact measurements to make a floor mat that fits perfectly. Not only that, but it gets it right the first time. No need to eyeball it. The eyeball method often leads to having to redo it several times until it is done right. With 3D laser scanning services, things are a guaranteed slam dunk, in the bag, call it a day, I’m going to Smoothie King for an after work “muscle punch”.

All I have to say is “cool beans” to 3D laser scanning services. Once again, it has shown us that it is taking over like a technological rebel, mowing over the old methods like a snowblower. How many more things will we see being swallowed up by the 3D laser scanning monster? Hopefully a lot more.

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