3D Scanning Japanese Kabuki

Guess what 3D Scanning services can do?

Ever been to a Japanese Kabuki show? Probably not. Do you know what a Japanese Kabuki show is? For most of us, probably not. How about I give you a clue. It has nothing to do with Japanese sushi and it rhymes with plants, pants, and circumstance. Now I think you are catching on. Japanese Kabuki is a traditional style of Japanese dance. In fact, most people have seen pictures of what the dancers look like. The dress and make-up are quite unique. Character usually have their faces painted white, black hair, and a long flowing robe. Sometimes the way the faces are painted can be quite frightening. Anyways, I bet you have never imagines yourself on stage taking part in a Kabuki dance. Well, you might want to consider it, because 3D scanning services can do just that.

3D scanning services make you a star

It all happened in Las Vegas with Panasonic giving everyone a first taste of its 3D scanning booth. To spice things up, it gave everyone a chance to star in a 3D virtual reality Kabuki show dance. To perform this feat they used their 3D scanner that is basically a room full of cameras that can capture your body features and them plug them into an avatar. Panasonic took advantage of the opportunity a couple years back during the Japanese Kabuki Festival held in Las Vegas. The guests who were there to watch Kabuki Lion: The Adventures of the Mythical Lion. They were able to see themselves on stage doing a Kabuki dance. How in the wasabi could they do that? It all was made possible with 3D scanning services.

Put you on a virtual stage

Here is basically how the 3D scanning booth worked. Panasonic used a whole bunch of their LUMIX GX8 cameras. The cameras were set in a mobile booth at all different angles. The cameras simultaneously took a picture of the person. That information was then combined to create a 3D avatar of the person. Once that information was collected, the fun could begin. That avatar could be placed into animated dance video. Before the show, each person could watch themselves on a virtual stage doing a Japanese Kabuki dance. Is that cool or what?

The Virtual You

I don’t know how many people really want to learn the Kabuki dance, but it was interesting none the less. The interesting thing is to think of the potential for this type of technology. If 3D scanning services can take any person and put them in any virtual reality scene. That changes the movie scene completely. Imagine going to watch the latest animation that you yourself are going to star in. It doesn’t seem that far off. Of course each person would have to have their own viewer instead of a big screen. It sounds like a pretty cool idea to me. This means that some day you could be watching a sports game with you as the athlete. Who knows?

If what I said didn’t spark your interest in Japanese Kabuki, then it at least sparked your interest in 3D scanning services. 3D scanning is making you the star.

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