Football Players Adopt Technology

3D laser scanning helps with making safer gear

Football is one of our favorite pastimes in America, we watch it every Sunday, and we even have our favorite team. On top of having a favorite team, we have favorite players. Consumers may not know this, but football players are not using customized helmets designed through 3D laser scanning technology.

Many of us don’t focus on a player’s gear or what it takes, making that gear, but a lot of it is now using technology to help the safety of the players. 3D laser scanning allows a football player to have a fully customized, comfortable, and sustainable helmet.

As technology grows and advances, we will find more uses for it, and our world will continue to grow in quality. We are continuously looking out for our bodies, and this is just one of the newest ways for guys who consistently get tackled, to remain as safe as they can throughout our favorite sporting events.

What is 3D laser scanning

3D laser scanning is the act of taking thousands of pictures per second, capturing all the details of an object. It collects information like color, texture, size, scratches, dimensions, and anything in between. It can come in the form of a small handheld device or something like a full-body scanner. Once the information is collected, it is then sent to the cloud, where it can be stored as a future reference. After it is stored in the cloud, the information will always be there.

Once it is stored in the cloud, it can be sent to a partnering system where it can be edited into customized objects, sent across the world, developed into virtual reality, or printed for physical use. In the editing system, you can change the look of the object, it can be turned into any shape and printed.

The benefits of using 3D laser scanning

This technology creates a sustainable way to produce items. Above all else, it requires very little time to do. In this case, it means a player can quickly get his head scanned in just a few minutes, making it easy to squeeze in around a busy schedule. It creates a customized piece in very little time, making it one of the most beneficial tools on the market.

3D laser scanning is noninvasive and collects accurate details without needing to touch anyone. This creates a comfortable environment for people. This technology is also extremely budget-friendly compared to other more traditional methods.

Who else can use 3D laser scanning for health

Doctors are now using this technology to help patients in need. It is not only used for athletes trying to get the latest headgear but for patients who need help too. Doctors have full-body scans than can now tell the difference between tissue and bones, it allows doctors to see any abnormal areas that might cause patient harm.

Podiatrist are using this technology to take accurate scans of patients’ feet to find the exact points in their feet that may be causing other problems. They are then able to take these scans and create insoles for shoes specifically for an individual.

Final thoughts

There are many ways 3D laser scanning has emerged in the health field. This technology has continuously updated our lives, and now it is helping our bodies stay healthy. As we continue to find more uses for it, we will be able to protect our bodies in surprising ways and stay healthier than ever before.

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