The Artistic World Going Virtual

Technology helps expand the art world beyond the gallery

3D scanning has changed our world in many ways and has allowed us to access things we would never know possible. Right now, this technology has unexpectedly entered the art world, and it couldn’t be more of a perfect time for it. This technology is blooming and with-it inspiration from all over the world.

3D laser scanning has created a competitive market because it allows artists to show off their work in more ways than a physical gallery. Art and technology are starting to combine, and it is creating a stir throughout the community.

Who has adopted this technology now

Sebastian Errazuriz has adopted this technology and brought it to good use. He has created a platform that allows other artists to use 3D laser scanning devices to scan their art and create a showroom. This way, the beauty of art never has to stop.

Artists can show off their galleries virtually to anyone in the entire world at any time. The buyers then have the option to truly observe the pieces through the platform. They can rotate it, zoom in to see the finest details, and then they can purchase it. This platform could not have come at a better time, and because of the timing, it has been an enormous success so far.

Why is art going virtual

Right now, as a society, around the globe, we are facing a vicious virus. This virus is known as COVID-19 and has locked many countries down for safety reasons. Many stores are closed, including museums and other galleries that would share art with the world. For the safety of everyone, we have chosen to switch the way we do things to an almost entirely virtual world.

More artists are adopting this technology so they can spread happiness and still earn a living through this pandemic. It has hit museums and artists very hard, and this is the perfect way to help the art community when times are so hard. It has created a platform to share and expose young artists all over the world.

How 3D laser scanning works

This technology takes thousands of pictures per second, collecting microscopic details at a rapid pace. This makes it an incredibly unique technology that can be hard to beat. It captures information like texture, size, shape, and dimensions. Once all of the information is collected, it is sent to the cloud, where it can be stored forever. After this, the data can be sent to a partnering system where it can be edited and then sent across the world in a matter of minutes. There is also an option to turn the information collected into virtual reality. This is how they can create entire galleries that can be viewed online at any time.

This technology can shape the future

As the virus spreads and consumers come to terms with being in lockdown, we continue to find ways to use technology to keep us connected. This new platform that allows artists to have open galleries is a blessing for many people who still wish to buy art and be involved in the artistic world. Nothing has stopped, but things have changed. As we continue down this path, it will help us find new ways to be creative using the technology we have.

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