Ford Uses 3D Laser Scanning to Map Their Factories

Using dog bots to get the whole picture

Ford has always tried to stay up to date with their technology. They have always used 3D laser scanning for remodeling and redesigning their cars. Now they are using this technology for updating their transmission factory to keep everyone safe. Transmissions are an essential part of your vehicle, and maintaining the factory is of utmost importance. If one thing starts becoming a hazard the transmissions, they use in the cars could be jeopardized.

To scan their entire factory, they are using robotic dogs from Boston Dynamics that holds a 3D laser scanning device. They can control the dog from a video game-like remote that allows the dog to get in hard to reach places to scan. They can map the entire facility to see which area needs the most work and how they can update it for safety reasons.

Ford can use these updates to the facility to create new products for their cars and keep their cars running safely and effectively. “By having the robots scan our facility, we can see what it actually looks like now and build a new engineering model. That digital model is then used when we need to retool the plant for new products,” said Mark Goderis. He is Ford’s digital engineer.

The benefits of using the dog bot

The coolest thing about using the dog robot for 3D laser scanning is that it captures information in every direction and almost all angles. It can be controlled by a close-by panel from someone who can manage is as if it were a video game. It collects information that the employees would never see, and it can reach hazardous places, or hard to reach places.

This 3D laser scanning device allows the facility to be scanned and then the files to be made into 3D models of virtual reality for the whole team to see. Only one person has to be controlling the dog at the facility. No one else is required to be there. At a time like this, where COVID rules the planet, this is never a bad thing.

When was this technology created

Though 3D laser scanning has been used since the 1990s, the idea was created in the 1960s. Boston Dynamics, a technology company, opened its doors in 1992 and adopted the technology, but throughout the years, it was updated as some of the best. The 3D laser scanning device that resembles a dog was created in 2015 and has been developing to be what it is today. Now many companies are using this dog-like robot because of its unique capabilities. It can go over smooth surfaces, rough terrain, and even up and down the stairs.

There is has never been a 3D laser scanning device like this one before. Due to its incredible qualities, many people are adopting the Boston Dynamics design. This product is good for construction companies, or places where it could be incredibly hazardous to send people in. Ford is not a dangerous place to work, but we are limiting exposure and limiting human interaction. This dog bot has helped them stick with the CDC’s rules and regulations.

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