Airport Renovations With 3D Laser Scanning

Making remodeling projects faster and safer than ever before

Airports have been some of the best ways to travel and the safest ways to travel but not necessarily the least stressful way to travel. Billions of people go in and out of airports, especially one cramped and crowded one called LaGuardia airport. The beautiful thing about this airport is that they have always adopted the latest technology to benefit the passenger’s ad guests who roam the airport. In 2019 this airport reported having 31 billion passengers pass through their halls and terminals.

To redesign and reconstruct terminal B for passengers, they used 3D laser scanning to move the project along the fastest way possible and make it safer than ever before. This technology has helped upgrade this terminal and make it less stressful for the passengers coming in and out of terminal B. With one device, they were able to take over 15,000 pictures of one space rather quickly. They were able to use 3D laser scanning to gather the information that could be useful. They were able to make sure the final layout matched the 3D model they created for safety reasons.

This project lasted four years and has not been completed. The entire team working on the project agreed that this could not have been done without the help of 3D laser scanning. They had to create 27 phases for this plan, redirecting roads, terminals, people, and more. All of it with the help of an entire team and the latest technology. To redirect the people from place to place, they had to take a 3D scan of the whole place to create a model of how traffic would flow and how it would affect their facility. This tool has proved useful in many industries. Now terminal B is up to date and better than ever before

How 3D laser scanning works

The team was able to take pictures, over 15,000 in a short time, because the device comes with a camera attached that takes hundreds of thousands of photos. It captures images every second, more than you could imagine. While it is doing that, it also projects a laser beam over the space that measures how far the light travels back to the tool. This allows it to create an accurate model that shows dimensions, sizes, corners, and every wall. This specific feature of 3D laser scanning allowed them to create the most precise models they could have ever hoped for.

Final thoughts

This tool allowed them to be uninterrupted and not disturb the guests that walk that pass through. Typically, a remodeling job would take over several years because they would try to gather information on the terminal without bothering anyone. They would need to shut down a whole section at a time, which would cause traffic jams in other areas.

3D las scanning allowed them to be noninvasive and nonintrusive all at the same time. Due to these impressive features, it has been deemed one of the most useful tools. As more consumers and industries realize the incredible benefits of this technology, it will continue to be adopted worldwide.

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