Anthrotec Inc Uses 3D Printing To Help Locals

A small company adds big value

This small business has been in business for 70 years and has helped change the local area. They are located in Yellow Springs and the current owners have owned this small business for 29 years. Though it is a small company of only 8 employees, they do big things! They supply the government with human body data using 3D laser scanning devices.

This allows their client to create useful designs that can be more comfortable, accurate and precise. 3D laser scanning is some of the best equipment we have ever had, it is slowly changing our world and is helping small businesses stay open during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The original owners of this business started out in a college called Antioch College in 1950 in 1977 they moved the business from the college to a separate location. 3D laser scanning was invented in the 1960’s but wasn’t truly adopted until the 1990s. Currently most of the work this company does is for products that were not around in the 1950s. Their business has boomed thanks to modern technology.

Why is 3D laser scanning essential for business?

This technology allows them to create one of a kind accurate product. They can use the 3D laser scanning devices information to create custom-made products. This is a very specialized niche that only a few companies have entered. There are many benefits of using this new technology.

  • Accuracy- 3D laser scanning is some of the most accurate technology in this world. It gathers data taking thousands of pictures at every side and angle of the object. Back in the day people used to go to the tailor to get precise measurements on their bodies, but now they can go to someone who uses a 3D laser scanner.
  • Precise- This equipment is some of the most precise tools you can find on the market. It uses a small laser light that projects from the device and that measure how long the stream of light is.
  • Data- It captures information like size, texture, color, dimensions of every side, and anything else. After it is done collecting the information it saves it in the server called the cloud. It is stored here forever and cannot be erased.
  • Noninvasive- The best feature of 3D laser scanning is that it is completely noninvasive. No one will be touched to get measurements of their own body, no one has to be taped, stitched, or positioned a certain way. This is by far one of the best and most comfortable ways to get accurate information on a body.

Currently this company is struggling with the challenges of COVID and all of the restriction put forward but there has been a high need for customized facemasks. Due to the equipment they possess they can help their surrounding area get better facemasks to wear while shopping. This company is focused on staying up to date with the latest technology to provide everyone with the latest gear and personalized equipment to feel safe.

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