Ford Adopts 3D Laser Scanning Devices

A budget-friendly option when compared to the value it adds

As COVID ravages our world, we are continuously figuring out how to adopt ways that take out the human touch. Right now, we are focused on social distancing, staying healthy, and not getting sick. We all know the best way to do this is to limit human interaction. Companies are adopting technology to help them make the most of having little to no people on their staff. One of the ways a company has done this is by adopting 3D laser scanning.

Ford is a massive company that produces automotive around the world. They also produce the pieces for their cars and have dealerships worldwide. Before selling them to any consumer, they need to go through intensive testing to make sure they are safe, they have to be analyzed and have proof of their reliability before they can even drive on to a lot to be sold. This process is usually done by many people, but since COVID has taken out a massive number of employees, Ford has found that using 3D laser scanning can be just as effective.

On top of being able to scan the cars, 3D laser scanning allows them to have digital copies of the cars at home and redesign them without being around anyone. The files can be shared easily, and it can be a lot less labor-intensive. Not only this, but they are being used to help retool the plants because they can reach hard to reach spots for humans.

How 3D laser scanner works

This tool is incredibly unique because it provides information no other piece of equipment can give. It offers insight that we would never be able to see without it. 3D laser scanning was created in the 1960s, but no one adopted until the 1990s. It is growing in popularity now because of the many benefits.

It works by taking rapid pictures of an object so quickly you wouldn’t know it is taking a picture. It collects information while it is doing this, but it is also projecting a laser beam that measures how far the beam goes and back. The pictures collect things like object shape, look, captures textures, and anything in between. The lasers capture measurements like sizes and dimensions.

Ford is figuring out how to adopt this in many ways. They will use it to help redesign things in their facilities, their entire facility, save time, and save money. 3D laser scanning is budget-friendly considering how much value it brings to the table. Eventually, with the rate technology is growing, they will be able to remotely access this equipment from home and give it directions.

Final thoughts

There is so much value in 3D laser scanning soon more people worldwide will be adopting it. The more consumers use this product, the more it will grow and develop into something everyone can use. This tool has been one of the hottest topics in the modern world because there is no limit to the uses. It has emerged in so many different fields. It has reached the automotive world that will help us limit exposure and create safe working environments.

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