Off-Roading Becomes More Extreme Thanks to 3D Laser Scanning

Giving customers exactly what they want

3D laser scanning has taken our world over and become one of the hottest table topics because of all of the fantastic uses. This technology has grown and become more advanced than we could have ever hoped for, as we adopt it more worldwide, more uses will come to light. Right now, Ford, a large car company, has adopted this to help revamp cars in every way possible. They wanted to use 3D laser scanning to create a car that is better off-roading than any previous models.

“We created the Bronco family to elevate every aspect of off-road adventure and equipped them with class-leading chassis hardware and exclusive technologies to raise the bar in the rugged 4×4 segment and take people further into the wild. They’re built with the toughness of an F-Series truck and performance spirit of Mustang – and come wrapped in one of the most stunning and functional off-road designs that’s true to the original Bronco design DNA.” The chief executive officer says. 

Many people who have seen the new Bronco noticed very many similarities between the original Callums Bronco. Ford actually used 3D laser scanning to scan each section of the unique model to influence the newest model. This is amazing! They were able to capture the look, the paint chipping, and everything in between using 3D laser scanning.

Typically, with cars, they create 2D sketches and turn them into a 3D model, but not with this car. They were able to take 3D laser scans of the entire vehicle to create another model that then became a real car. The new look is sleek, modern, and specially designed for off-roading. They were able to compare the older model with the new model using virtual reality!

How 3D laser scanning works

3D laser scanning takes rapid pictures of an object and collects data on it that can be stored in the cloud server. Once it hits this sever, it can never be deleted, it can be sent to anyone who needs the file and the data on the file. 3D laser scanning devices are small enough to hold, the user will walk around the object, and there will be a laser beam that projects form the device that will also collect information.

Between the pictures and the laser beam, no information goes unmissed. It gathers things like texture, size, color, dimensions, and everything else. This is perfect for comparing old and new objects and allowing users to recreate and redesign them for a more modern object.

Once the files are sent, you can choose to create a 3D physical model. However, this information can also create a virtual reality that allows a user to see it as if it were there in front of them, almost like holograms where you can walk in and see the precise details of the equipment picked up. Ford has adopted this technology for the better.


We now have a new and improved off-roading vehicle that mimics the original version of this car. Ford could not have pulled this better. They used the latest technology to make changes and give consumers exactly what they asked for. This latest car will be a massive hit on the market, and we have 3D laser scanning to thank for the design.

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