Full Body Scanning Emerges

Helping medical professionals see exactly how a body is structured

A giant company named Texels has raised 1.5 million dollars for 3D laser scanning funding in the form of full-body scanning. This is a Russian technology company focused on advancements in the full-body scanning industry, among other things. With this extra money, they will grow internationally and expand into other areas where they have never gone before.

Why is full-body scanning important

3D laser scanning allows everyone to go beyond the surface of a human body and see everything that goes on. Doctors, nutritionists, and physical therapists can see exactly how someone’s body is structured, what is wrong, and more with the help of full-body scanning. It can change the way we learn about the human body. It may help prepare doctors before they perform surgery on a patient. This technology could also allow doctors to track problems in a long study.

There are so many uses for full-body scanning, but doctors are not the only ones who can use it. As it progresses and more funding becomes available, it will spread in many different areas that we may find surprising.

Who else can use full-body scanning

Many businesses in fashion have realized that by using 3D laser scanning, they can stay relevant even online. Most consumers will not buy clothes online because they fear the fit of the clothing. When more businesses have access to 3D laser scanning equipment, and more people do too, it allows them to get accurate clothing fits. Full-body scanning allows the business to stay open and consumers to try on clothes from their homes’ comfort.

How 3D laser scanning works

This technology is incredibly advanced and has progressed so far from its original form. It went from giant chunky cameras to a small handheld device. Sometimes it’s not even handheld; occasionally, it is small enough to fit in a phone; other times, it is something someone must lay down in.

No matter what, it looks like it works by taking immensely fast pictures of an object or, in this case, a human. At the same time, small lasers are projected over the object. The beam is being measured the whole time, and the distance the beam travels is being measured.

All of this works together to gather the information that would take hours to gather, or sometimes go missed completely. It is faster than any other form of gathering information. 3D laser scanning is precise, gathering the smallest details. On top of that, it is amazing to save the information, especially if a doctor needs to keep a file on someone. All of the data gathered by this machine is saved in the cloud, where it is protected and secured.

Final thoughts

As Texels raise more money, the advancements in their full-body scanners will be phenomenal. 3D laser scanning has made enormous changes in how we do things. It has become the ultimate tool to have in a business. Many people will be adopting this technology once they find out all of the benefits they will receive from it.

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