Growing 3D Printing Imagination

In the world of 3D printing, customization and imagination of the user has driven many people to create truly3D printing bike impressive creative projects. But due to the lack of corporate funding, many of these 3D printing projects never come to fruition.  Kickstarter has been a truly remarkable place where people with great ideas and inventions can turn their dreams into reality with the help of contributing backers. A particular campaign launched in March has truly grabbed our attention. This campaign combines sustainable custom bamboo bike design and 3D Printing.

Bamboo Bicycle Club Takes 3D Printing to Custom Bicycles

The Bamboo Bicycle Club, headed by James Marr, is a cycling company that teaches those who are passionate about cycling how to construct their very own bamboo bicycle. They have evolved from giving weekend building workshops, to offering home build kits. Recently, The Bamboo Bicycle Club, a part of the Autumn Yard Design Collective, have conceptualized an innovative exhibit at the Design Museum London. Their goal is to pioneer an open source, completely customizable bike that anyone can literally be grown in their own home. The design of the bike itself combines home grown bamboo and 3D printed components for fitting.

With a passion for innovative sustainable design and the embrace of technological advancement, this project is a remarkable example of the true versatility of not only 3D printing, but also the creative process. Go check out this juxtaposition of the organic bamboo with the technology of 3D printing at the Design Museum London April 8-10,  2016. If you are interested in being involved in this project, visit the Future Bike Live Challenge Kickstarter page here. They are offering some awesome backer rewards if you decide to donate, but seeing the end result of this exhibition would be a reward in itself. Check out the Bamboo Bicycle Club as well here.