Glass Makers Get A New Inspection Tool

Helping to create new products at a better rate

Glassmaking is a career that can find 3D laser scanning surprisingly useful. Many of us think that glassmaking is simple and only involves a torch and the manipulation of glass. However, there is a lot longer of a process than we know of. It consists of blowing the glass multiple times and creating molds for the bottle, then it has to pass inspection, and once that is complete, it can get onto a conveyor belt to be shipped to another company. 3D laser scanning offers a way to introduce better quality control to the process.

Tiama Xlabs has provided a unique 3D laser scanning device that collects more than the average machine. It allows glass blowers to see accurate dimensions and all the properties a glass has before being shipped out. This will enable them to send out only the most fit and mean fewer returns and better profits.

3D laser scanning has become some of the most advanced technology, and many companies are coming out with newer versions of the tool. There are now many different versions, all of which can be useful to one field. This version is a tube version, which allows for better observation of the glass.

How does it work

Instead of a handheld device that needs to be maneuvered, this comes as a tube or tunnel. One that allows for fast inspection. It works easily, with little human effort but massive results.

  1. Inspection: All someone has to do is take the glass bottle and place it on the platform in the middle of the machine. At this step, it takes all measurements of the object and the diagnostics that would normally take a long time to gather.
  2. Processing: As the bottle is in the machine, rapid pictures are being taken and processed. The viewer can view the bottle’s information instantly in every direction rotating it in the editor. This process is contactless and non-destructive.
  3. Saved: All of the information collected is saved in the cloud, and it cannot be erased. After this step, you can take the bottle out of the machine.

This is almost like a full-body 3D laser scanning device but for bottles and smaller objects. Anything that could fit inside of the tube would have the opportunity to be fully analyzed. Many other things can be scanned, but this allows for a fast inspection of bottles specifically.

All of the images can be important and exported to everyone on a team. It allows for one group to openly communicate the needs of an object. This is a way to create a plan for any bad products and understand which step was faulty. 3D laser scanning helps refine the process of making glasses.

Final thoughts

3D laser scanning is continuously changing our world, and we see massive differences in small things like this. It is upgrading our world, and as consumers, we are getting better products out of this technology. We rely on it more than ever to help create new products at a better rate and with higher quality than ever before.

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