Artec Micro For New High Precision Scanning

Capturing details four times smaller than the eye can see

Artec 3D is another great name in the 3D laser scanning world, and they have made it a goal to provide the best products and help millions of people and businesses grow in unexpected ways. This new 3D laser scanning device is said to capture the smallest details, four times smaller than what the average eye can typically see. This comes as a desktop scanning decision and markets for €30,000.

3D laser scanning has helped us advance in many ways in society and gather valuable information. Artec 3D has some fantastic products that allow us to go beyond the surface and analyze things in-depth. This new launch of Artec Micro will allow us to go deeper than ever before and be suitable for many different fields.

Though many consumers may not be able to afford such a gadget for daily use, this can be great for professionals who need to analyze and study materials like never before. This 3D laser scanning device can scan things tiny or big, which makes it unique and versatile.

How it works

3D laser scanning works by taking rapid pictures of an object and projecting laser beams across the item. It works simultaneously to capture the entire image that can then be processed and transferred to your computer screen.

You can rotate the object on the computer, look at it from every dimension, and edit it. Once you are satisfied and have observed everything, the information can be sent to other programs. You can turn it into virtual reality, create a 3D printed model or a replica, or save it for future reference.

Due to extraordinary uses, many people have adopted this technology. Now it can go beyond any minor details, and the technology can pick up never seen information that would take years to acquire and gather.

Who should use the Artec Micro

Most of us won’t afford this 3D laser scanning device, but it can be great for many people who work for bigger companies and need to gather small details of objects.

  • Crime scene investigators- Though this has not been adopted as the main way to process a crime scene, 3D laser scanning is emerging in this field. Using a micro scanning device could allow them to investigate a crime scene like never before. This can also allow a jury to walk into a crime scene through virtual reality.
  • Police Officers- Many areas could benefit from this precise technology. Police officers and traffic control officers can place these machines on the streets to capture places that have high incident rates. This could help them understand what to change to prevent accidents.
  • Airports- Instead of waiting in line to get your luggage checked, imagine a 3D laser scanning device scanning over your equipment and allowing you to go through security in under five minutes. This technology can make that possible by being implemented in the systems.

There are so many fields that a high-quality precision scanner could be useful. This 3D laser scanning device that Artec 3D created could be implemented in so many areas to upgrade our world’s safety.

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