SCOTT Sports Acquires A 3D Laser Scanner

Adding this technology makes a perfect partnership

SCOTT Sports is a well-known Swedish company that produces bikes, winter equipment, motorsports gear, and sports gear. Though this is a renowned Swedish company, it actually started in the United States in Idaho in 1958. Sports gear is one of the most competitive markets to be in, and because of this, many brands have to step up their game to stay relevant. SCOTT Sports has adopted 3D laser scanning to help the production of its high-quality gear and equipment.

Every single product they make is designed around the motto “No shortcuts” For each new product, three teams must collaborate, the product managers, designers, and engineers. Without all three teams’ inputs on a product, it would not nearly be as great. Now they have added 3D laser scanning into the mix, and it could not be a better partnership.

They adopted the HandySCAN 3D, which is easy to use, highly precise, and can capture almost any surface information, making it amazing to work with for sports gear. It was easily adopted into the process and helped refine the workflow. The teams can easily scan each prototype and compare them in the editing system.

The entire team can easily see the differences that were made, compare them, and understand what works and what does not work. It allows the whole team to have access to the information and communicate the changes that need to be made very effectively.

How this technology is the best for sports companies

There are so many advantages of using 3D laser scanning for any sports company. It is precise and creates an open way to communicate.

  • It helps gather precise information on hard to scan material.
  • 3D laser scanning can help create custom-made and better fitting gear for consumers.
  • It saves the information forever, making it a perfect tool to use as a reference and track.
  • The editing system can be a good way for designers to add elements and see how they would affect the design and performance.
  • The gear has the opportunity to be 3D printed.
  • Before the gear is printed, they can virtually test it to see how it would perform in the real world.
  • 3D laser scanning is a much faster way to gather measurements, sometimes in under a few minutes. It takes very little work to measure any object.

Buying a 3D laser scanning device was one of the best decisions for SCOTT Sports and has allowed them to create a better process. This allows them to take scans at a moment’s notice instead of planning a whole day to take measurements of various prototypes.

Final thoughts

As soon as more sports companies realize the benefits of 3D laser scanning, they will be convinced to try it out just as SCOTT Sports did. There is no denying the advantages this sports company receives, and it is giving them a competitive edge that is hard to beat. This can change the comfort level and performance level of all the gear we can find on the market.

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