Pocket 3D Laser Scanner Emerges

Looks like a giant smart phone

3D laser scanning has been one of the hottest technology topics in the past year. It has emerged in many different ways and has become easily accessible. On top of that, during the year of COVID-19, many people have acquired this tool to allow others to explore. They have been allowed to scan some historical tours for others to access online. Now, there are many new inventions and creations in the 3D laser scanning field. One of the latest pieces is a pocket scanner in the shape of a phone.

Kickstarter introduced a new 3D laser scanning device to the market called Scoob3D. It looks like a giant smartphone that can still easily fit into your pocket. The front of the device has a widescreen where you can view the object you are scanning. The back of the device has a large round camera like a lens that takes the actual scan. It had combined a high tech camera with lasers to capture the most accurate images.

The best features of this device

There are some truly unique qualities to this new 3D laser scanning device. It combines the best technology and makes it easy to understand and use. This can no doubt be one of the greatest tools ever invented and something that anyone could own. Here are some of the features.

  • Filter- The camera lens has a polarization filter. This is to help the glare of any objects that make it hard to scan. This means you can potentially scan a gleaming object or something with several different shades of the same color. Typically this would be hard to scan, but with the filter, it becomes easy.
  • ToF- This stands for a time of flight technology. It allows the device to capture data in real-time and to scale. It gathers all of the accurate dimensions that any other scanner may not be able to gather.
  • Holding- Since this is shaped like a phone it is easy to use and easy to hold. It is not large and chunky like some of the first 3D laser scanning devices. Now it is small and easy to maneuver around.

This latest technology can help many people understand the technology better and understand the world around them. It allows us to observe and study in a new way that has never been done before.

Final thoughts

There are many new styles of 3D laser scanning, all with different features embedded in them. No matter what field you are in, you will find the technology that properly suits your needs. Many companies focused on creating the best pieces of technology, and it has created a competitive market. This allows you to have many options when choosing and looking for the right product.

3D laser scanning has been on the rise, and it won’t be slowing down any time soon. We are seeing the amazing benefits of using this technology. It is now becoming easier for consumers to buy on their own. It will slowly become an everyday item that we all use to study and learn.

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