THUNDERBIKE UseS 3d Laser Scanning services to Create Custom Bike

special design for 35th company anniversary

If anyone knows of Harley Davidson, they have definitely heard of Thunderbike, founded in 1985 in Germany. For their 35th company anniversary, they used 3D laser scanning services to create a custom bike that is something we have not seen before. Using 3D laser scanning devices has been one of the biggest trends in updating cars, yachts and now creating customizable pieces for motorcycles and bikes. 

There are times when bikes and cars need pieces that are far too expensive, too hard to make customized, or the line just doesn’t carry what the bike needs. 3D laser scanning services can be used to scan almost any surface and pick up exact measurements of what the bike needs to exceed the engineers’ expectations. 

For this anniversary, the team worked on a specially made bike with an intricate paint job and needed to design customize pieces. Some of the pieces that needed to be specially made included the fender and the gas tank. Everything was measured with the help of a 3D laser scanning device; once edited, they made the customized pieces in their very own welding shop. 

Why 3D laser scanning services are best for mechanics

There are so many advantages of 3D laser scanning services that you may not even be aware of. By now, you may have heard that 3D laser scanning is one of the hottest topics and most cutting-edge pieces of technology, but we are sure you are wondering why?


One of the best features of this tool is that it doesn’t harm the object being scanned. It is safer than taking measurements by hand because all the user has to do is aim and point while the device is running. It requires a little training to handle but overall is a much better way of gathering data without harming the object being scanned. This helps create one-of-a-kind pieces. 

Faster and more precise

3D laser scanning services are high-speed and accurate. This is faster than taking measurements by hand and drawing out pieces. Everything can be uploaded to CAD software. It can be edited and designed and executed on the same day if necessary. There is almost nothing else that can provide that advantage. 

360 angles for a full picture 

Instead of looking at an object from one perspective, 3D laser scanning gets the entire view at once. It takes rapid pictures and layers them to create a full image or 3D image. You can see what an object needs to look like and how it would fit into the object from every direction. 

Budget-friendly pieces

Considering the fantastic benefits someone or a team can receive from this device, the product is actually budget-friendly. The return on investment is impressive for 3D laser scanning and even 3D printing. 

Final thoughts

3D laser scanning services have changed the way we make custom pieces and has allowed us to expand in terms of design. Things that may have once been hard to make can now be made with a clear direction. Teams can make dreams into reality, and we have this cutting-edge technology to take. 

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