Construction Inspection Made Safer and Easier With 3D Laser Scanning services

teams work faster, more efficiently

Before a construction team can start working on an area, inspections of that space need to happen. This used to take a long time and was not always considered safe for the crew to go into. 3D laser scanning services are helping create safer and incredibly efficient ways to inspect a surrounding area before sending in a team. 

Every so often, the site will need to go through a construction inspection to ensure the team’s safety and move the project forward. This is also one of the reasons sites typically take a long time to finish. It is not always easy to inspect the safety of a site. Construction is one of the most significant areas where 3D laser scanning has made a massive impact. 

Teams can work faster, more efficiently, and gather all details in one place. There are some major benefits of using this cutting-edge technology over others. It has made projects in construction, architecture, and design easier than ever before. 

The benefits of 3D laser scanning services in construction

A few fields receive advantages of using 3D laser scanning services, but construction has by far received more. Here are some of the best benefits a construction company will get by using this technology. 

360 degrees

Instead of needing an entire team to be on-site to gather information and inspect or take pictures with a basic camera, 3D laser scanning picks up information from every angle and in every direction. It picks multiple pictures of the same area. It continues to capture data in a full circle giving a complete 3D image at the end. This can help a crew be off-site but still gather the necessary information to keep the project moving. Only one person has to go in and take the scans. 

All sizes

One of the best features of 3D laser scanning is that it can gather information on tiny objects or massive landscapes. All anyone needs to learn is how to start and stop the scanning device. The device will do the rest of the work for them no matter how big or small the project will end up being. This is what makes it a highly desirable tool. 

Access for all

No matter who needs this file or who needs to see the layout, all of the information is stored in the cloud. From there, whoever is analyzing the data in the CAD software can create a shareable link to send to the entire team. This is a new way to communicate; rather than telling someone about a construction site, they can see it with their own eyes. This can help create a step-by-step plan. 

Final thoughts

3D laser scanning services have become one of the most cutting-edge pieces of technology. It has proven to be one of the most effective and beneficial tools for construction crews and allows for work to advance faster than average. We will see more teams around the world adopt this device and receive undeniable benefits from it. 

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