Art Galleries Go Virtual With 3D Laser Scanning services

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You may not think technology and art mix, but it has actually been merging over the last several years. The latest and greatest device to hit the market for art and artists is 3D laser scanning services. It allows art galleries to open virtually and guests to observe artwork closer than they would in person. During an in-person exhibit, no one can get closer than a few feet from the paintings or pieces. This leaves a lot of details left unnoticed by a potential customer. 

However, online, someone can zoom in and inspect every brushstroke. The user can look at every piece that is hanging up in the museum. This opening up began because of the COVID-19 pandemic but will continue being adopted even once the pandemic is over. It offers a new way to view art and sell pieces. 

Technology mixed with art was not always welcomed. Now it brings us great joy to say the two have merged, and it has provided spectacular benefits. You can see galleries, exhibits, sell pieces, and more with 3D laser scanning services. It saves, protects, and shares information as no other technology has before. 

3D laser scanning services have helped grow an audience that was unlikely to go in before. It has helped make galleries like UB Galleries more accessible and allows a larger group of people to see pieces. It broadens the way people think about art and helps preserve things while still getting the full experience. 

How 3D laser scanning works

3D laser scanning works by taking rapid pictures of an object, collecting every side of it. Once the pictures are uploaded to a CAD system, they overlap to create a full-looking picture. It collects microscopic details that may go overlooked, and best of all, it is completely noninvasive. 

All of the information taken from the scanning device is saved in the cloud. This can’t be erased but can be shared virtually across many platforms. Anyone given access can use this information and share it with others. 

Why is scanning great for artists

Many galleries are struggling to stay open because we need to limit the amount of human interaction. That makes complete sense with a pandemic! However, restricting people means galleries have fewer people to sell to. 

Using 3D laser scanning, a gallery can scan thousands of pieces, save them digitally, preserve them physically, and create a virtual world for people to observe and shop. This is a way to protect people, art and still have open doors at the end of the pandemic. 

Life is changing drastically, and we are relying on technology more and more. We will continue to see a trend in online galleries and watch how they use 3D laser scanning services. 

Final thoughts

3D laser scanning services have changed our world and is shaping how we do things. It allows us to save the information digitally for the future and uniquely share information. There is no doubt we will see many more galleries worldwide adopt this tool to increase business and stay open during the pandemic. 

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