Virtual Shopping Made Possible With 3D Laser Scanning services

3D laser scanning services have opened up a world of virtual shopping possibilities. It allows companies to give their online shoppers experiences that are incredibly unique. One company called Perfect Corp uses augmented reality and artificial intelligence to enable users to ‘try’ on eyewear at home. The program scans someone’s face, and the computer monitor adjusts their image to make it look like they are wearing a pair of glasses.

This helps the user know what they may look like in the sunglasses. This has been a new trend on the rise. Many companies are starting to realize the unique benefits of merging AI with online shopping. It turns your product into a realistic model that customers can try on.

Many benefits may come from using this technology. It can allow more people to shop and ‘try’ on clothes or eyewear, ensure fewer returns, and promote customer happiness. This can be one of the best ways to generate more customers and make sure they are loyal to your brand. Over the last year, we have seen several clothing and eyewear companies rely on online sales, limiting unhappy customers.

How does scanning work?

Many companies are adopting this idea to allow customers to try on things before they buy. These companies rely on the sensors already installed in our phones or computers. In the latest iPhone, Apple has added 3D laser scanning services capability that can help make this process easier and more accurate. Our gadgets are continually being updated, and we can get these tools easier than ever before.

Some companies require you to get scanned at a local office. These scanners work a little bit differently. Instead of sensors, they can take thousands of pictures of you per second. When the pictures combine, they overlap, creating a fully 3D look in the CAD program that can then measure and layout objects.

All of the information is stored via the cloud, and it cannot be erased. It can then be sent to other people who need to use the information or remain private. It is one of the best ways to communicate without using words.

Why should more apparel use 3D laser scanning services?

This technology is not new but wasn’t always as good as it is today. It was created in the 1960s but required tons of human interaction. Today, 3D laser scanning services are easy to use, easy to control, and one of the best devices for many companies.

This is amazing for the fashion industry because it can limit returns and keep customers coming back. On top of that, it is safe and not harmful to anyone involved. It can also help a company become more sustainable when put to good use.

Final thoughts

We have seen many trends in the technological community, but this is not going away any time soon. We will see more companies switch to have a greater online presence, and 3D laser scanning services can help them make that desirable switch with less hassle.

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