Head Scanning At Home

Saving lives as well as providing extra comfort

If you are an avid cyclist, you know the importance of an excellent fitting helmet. In fact, a bad fitted helmet could easily result in serious injury. HEXR is a well-known brand that provides custom made helmets made with a honeycomb structure. The company understands that not everyone has the same shaped head, and not all helmets are going to be comfortable to wear for hours on end. They solved this problem by offering a custom fit. They take the measurements using some of the latest technology, including 3D laser scanning.

This British made brand now has a new goal of sharing their helmets worldwide. However, that can be hard since they are not able to be everywhere all at once. They have also solved this problem. Many of our phones are now embedded with scanners that can act as a 3D laser scanning device. This brand decided to partner with what we already use every day. They have created an app that allows users to scan their own heads.

This app can capture up to 250,000 data points on a person’s head and can allow them to have access to these measurements to create a HEXR helmet. All of this can be done from across the world without a person ever having to leave their home or their country. These custom-made helmets could save lives and provide extra comfort to many serious bikers.

How it used to work

Previously a customer would have to go into their main office and book a scan a few weeks out. They would then go back in to get the scan done and wait for their custom-made helmet to be created and shipped to them. This limited the number of customers the company could get because of convenience issues.

However, this new app would allow anyone to have access to the program, and all they would need is for a friend to help them out. Someone else would have to take the scans of a person’s head to ensure all sides and angles are captured.

How does 3D laser scanning work

3D laser scanning is some of the most accurate and amazing technology in the world. We have seen many things come from it, and it has helped make new discoveries we would not have ever seen. It works by capturing pictures of an object. Sometimes it can capture thousands per second depending on how advanced it is.

As the pictures are being taken, there are sensors collecting information and lasers that are ejected from the device. The laser beams are being measured by the distance they travel. All parts of this device are essential for collecting accurate information.

Final thoughts

HEXR has adopted the best technology to create an item that is comfortable and safe for long wear and use. Now they have managed to find a way to attract more customers outside of their city and even worldwide. As consumers, we will start seeing more companies do this and find ways for us all to receive a custom made items that fit perfectly.

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