Hologram Photos Use The Same Technology as 3D Laser Scanning

Seeing a photo at a deeper level

Imagine this! You capture a moment on your phone, and it is stunning. You can feel the image come to life, but you want to share it. You want others to see it move the way you did; you want them to be able to understand the photo on a deeper level. What could do that for you? The Looking Glass Portrait is the first digital photo frame that takes your iPhone photos and turns them into a holograph. It is successful because it uses the same technology that you would see in 3D laser scanning.

This frame can only use one picture but can be an incredible gift to give, and it can help you share a special moment with someone. It can allow them to see what you saw while taking the photo but more in-depth.  Consumers are looking for the next best thing, and this can be an ideal gadget that is consumer-friendly. Everyone can use this product easily.

This frame that uses the same technology as a 3D laser scanning device can allow someone to see 45 different angles but also up to 100. It creates a perfect three-dimensional scene that allows someone to understand where the photo was and help them find a deeper meaning. Imagine if you could relive your wedding day over and over? See every angle whenever you want? That would be extraordinary.

3D laser scanning uses lasers to understand the depth of objects. This frame picks up depth information in the same way and also stores it similarly. Any scene, object, person, or animal can be turned into a hologram.

The latest iPhone

Believe it or not, some of the latest technology has leaked its way into our everyday lives. For example, the latest iPhone 12 has LIDAR technology embedded in it and is a perfect partner to use this frame. LIDAR is one of the most advanced forms of 3D laser scanning. It stands for light detection and ranging.

This type of technology can be in many different forms like small handheld devices, bigger versions, or even something you might stand on. 3D laser scanning is very versatile and can range in looks.

How does 3D laser scanning work

This technology is so advanced, but it wasn’t always the case. When it was first created, it has many kinks and wasn’t adopted. It was also created in the form of large cameras and since then has shrunk down enough to fit into phones.

3D laser scanning works by taking rapid pictures of a person, place, or thing. At the same time, lasers are projected over what is being scanned, and those lights are being measured by the distance they traveled. All of the information is uploaded to a server and can be used to edit or share.

This technology captures things like sizes, dimensions, colors, textures, and more. Almost anything you can think of this technology will capture and analyze. It has become one of the most widely adopted tools, and we will continue to see more people use it.

Final thoughts

Consumers are starting to understand how amazing 3D laser scanning is because we see it emerge in approachable ways like this frame. As more industries adopt this technology, more people worldwide will understand how amazing it is.

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