Racing Cars and Luxury Parts

Making vehicles that run smoother and go much faster

We are now seeing a trend that involves using 3D laser scanning to analyze race cars and make them better. Another up and coming trend is using 3D printing to create luxury pieces. Though this process has not yet been set up to be mass-produced, it is helping our race car drivers have better vehicles that run smoother and go much faster. Technology has entered racing, and it won’t be going away any time soon.

The latest news in racing is that the Papadakis Racing team has made a large turbo manifold from 3D printing. This process was done with 3D laser scanning to help understand what exactly the piece needed to be able to fit in the car. They used the editing system to design it and understand how it would work inside the car before printing out the entire piece.

This system is amazing for race cars, luxury cars, and we are even seeing it leak into the consumer’s everyday car parts. There are so many reasons why 3D technology is perfect for creating custom-made parts that are impressive.

Why should teams use 3D laser scanning

There are many reasons why a racing team may choose to use 3D technology for their cars. These tools have brought many advantages that teams would not have previously. It has changed the way they understand cars and has helped them produce high-quality pieces. Here are some reasons they have decided to use this technology.

Non-invasive measurements

3D laser scanning provides a totally non-invasive way to get accurate measurements of everything under the hood of a car. If a piece needs to fit snuggle in between two other objects, they need to ensure the dimensions of their object come outright. This technology is some of the most accurate on the market.

Allows them to see everything

Typically, a 3D laser scanning device is partnered with an editing system. On this program, the engineers can see all of the information at one time. Then they can go into the program, zoom in and out to observe just one piece of the car. This allows them to analyze the specific section or the entire vehicle.

Sharing and using it later

This information can be shared with everyone on the team and allows changes to be tracked for future reference. They can save this information and understand what works well and what doesn’t by adding notes to each change.

Testing before printing

One of the most amazing benefits of 3D laser scanning is that the system allows engineers to test a piece before ever printing it. They can create simulations that accurately share how a piece would affect the entire vehicle. This can save the team time, money, and frustration.

Final thoughts

3D laser scanning has started to shape the way we do many things. We can create new objects that are incredible and easier than ever before and share them with the world. It is bleeding into our daily routines and lives. We can’t wait to see who adopts this technology next and what uses they have for it.

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