Tiny Homes Made With 3D Technology

Aiding in budget-friendly property investments

In California, a well-known construction company has been in the limelight since 2017 thanks to their production of tiny homes using 3D laser scanning and printing. This company is called Mighty Buildings and they focus on making small studio-like buildings on people’s properties. They use high quality material that can be 3D printed, is fireproof, and waterproof. The most amazing thing about these tiny homes is they are budget-friendly and can be a great investment without investing much time.

These homes take up to 24 hours to create. The plans are made with 3D laser scanning and the team uses a 3D printer that ejects the concrete-like material out. If you are planning on making a bigger home, it will take a little longer and cost extra. A studio can cost from $115,000 and a 3-bedroom, 3-bathroom house can cost around $285,000. Both of these can be much cheaper than many houses on the market.

Mighty Buildings has gained so much attention because they are able to stay on top of the latest trends in technology. They have seen the amazing possibilities of using 3D laser scanning and printing. They adopted the technology and refined the process enough to create a successful business. This is a stable and sustainable way to build houses faster than any previous ways.

How does 3D printing work

3D printing is incredibly amazing and often pairs well with 3D laser scanning. Typically, a printer is a lot like a computer, it can be programmed and told what to do. One end is where someone can program the robot, there is typically a storage area where the information is held, and the other end is a nozzle that prints out the information. In this case no extruder is directed by the information that was put in and prints out light stone material.

All of the material comes out hot, so it is easy to adjust and maneuver into the correct shape. Over time it hardens in place and acts as the stone you would see in a house. There are now many different kinds of 3D printers to choose from and one of the best ways to send information to this is by using 3D laser scanning.

What is 3D laser scanning

3D laser scanning is another piece of technology only instead of holding the information to be printed it collects the information to be saved forever. All of the data it collects is sent to the cloud, which is a giant server, and it cannot be erased or disposed of. It is one of the best ways to collect accurate information for future reference.

It generally comes in a hand-held device but sometimes it can be much larger. It collects rapid pictures and at the same time produces lasers that help capture information accurately. It collects everything from colors, textures, size, and all shaped. It is one of the most amazing pieces of 3D technology we have.

Final thoughts

Mighty Buildings has created a phenomenal way to make affordable homes, mother in laws, or even AirB&B rentals. These are small and affordable units that can be created faster than any other way of making a house. They have perfected the process and can now install lights and plumbing while the 3D printer is hard at work. This company has seen how useful 3D laser scanning and printing can be and have adopted it wholly.

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