Hearing Aids Fit Better Because of 3D Scanning

Fit it right with 3D scanning services

Hey! Listen up! When most of us want to talk about 3D scanning technology we like to hear about cool stuff. We want to hear about 3D scanning of go-cart tracks, 3D scanning for game avatars, and stuff like that. We start to yawn when people talk about medical stuff like grandma’s hearing-aids. We shouldn’t feel that way. We should be stepping into grandma’s shoes to experience what kind of difference 3D scanning services is going to make for her. 3D scanning services is crawling inside the ears of those who have hearing loss to help them get a better fitted hearing aid.  

3D scanning services has a solution

When you think of hearing aids, don’t just think of grandma. Famous people like Bill Clinton and Whoopi Goldberg have them. Before we think we have it bad, remember that Ludwig Van Beethoven had hearing problems and had to use one of those ear trumpets. So it could definitely be worse. That doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t try to make things better. A better fitted hearing aid just may mean less screaming and shouting three times every time you say something to a person hard of hearing. It will mean that they will live a more comfortable life. We all take it for granted that we can hear without having something stuck in our ears. I know that when I put ear plugs in my ears that they get uncomfortable after about thirty minutes.  Sounds like a we need a 3D scanning services solution.

Get an ear full of 3D scanning

So what can 3D scanning services do to improve the way we now fit hearing aids? The benefits of 3D scanning for fitting hearing aids can be seen clearly if we understand the way things are done now. The traditional way to fit a hearing aid is to inject a silicone substance into the ear canal and then let it harden. They then pull it out after it hardens and send it away to have a reverse mold made. From the reverse mold they can create a custom fitted hearing aid. 3D scanning makes things much less intrusive. Instead of pouring a gooey substance into the ear canal, the 3D scanner can just do a digital scan of the inside of your ear.  

3D scanning is MUsic to my ears

Using 3D scanning services has its advantages. As mentioned above, it a much less uncomfortable way to get the job done. Not only that but it gives the doctors a much better idea of the shape of the inside of the ear. We have to remember that the inside of the ear changes shape a lot. When chewing or talking, the shape is going to adjust slightly. The silicon mold method cannot give a completely accurate representation of the inside of the ear when there is a change in shape. The 3D scanning method can.  It also eliminates the possibility of silicone getting left inside of the ear.

All in all, 3D scanning services can do a lot for the hearing aid fitting process. It is faster, more accurate, and in the end it mean more comfort for those who need to wear them.  I don’t think that anyone who has to wear a hearing aid loves to wear them. Technology should make it as comfortable as possible..

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