How Athletes Leverage the Power of 3D Scanners

The word tailor-made brings the image of the tailor measuring the customer to create outfits or shoes that fit the customer. And, in doing so the tailor end-ups making countless iterations until the customer gets a perfect fit – but with 3D scanners, the iterations are reduced to just one. When it comes to sports, athletes, require custom-made shoes, helmets, mouth guards, protective gears and other adaptive instruments. Tailor-made apparels or equipment not only fits the athlete and can help in improving their comfort level, aerodynamics and overall performance on the field. Apart from scanning the measurement of the athlete, the technology is widely used to prevent sports-related injury, which can keep an athlete out of action.

3D Scanners and the sporting arena

1) 3d scanners Provide accurate measurements for headgear

3D scanners can accurately scan the head of the athlete and create a 3D model to design a custom fit helmet. And, all this is possible in a single try and no iteration or adjustments are required in the final product.  The custom-fit helmets increase the view of the player on the field and enhance the performance of the player. Such personalized helmets are proving as the future for footballers. The headgear works perfectly fine, no matter how they choose to wear it during their game. Furthermore, these custom headgear provides maximum comfort and prevents the player from plausible impact during the game.

2) 3d scanners help create high performing footwear

For athletes, trying out different shoe sizes is frustrating because they have to try different shoes to know which is best to improve their performance. The 3D scanners can map the foot of an athlete within seconds. It is helping produce high performing footwear and custom orthotics. Such shoes provide a seamless experience to athletes because it gives great comfort level and helps in improving their performance during a game. The technology is basically allowing to make shoes adaptive to the morphology of the athletes. Furthermore, it is preventing the month-long process of creating shoes that fit the athlete.

3) 3d scanners help design prosthetics

Nothing can be more devastating than losing a career in sports due to a lost limb. But, today, with the advent in technology, sports gear manufacturing companies are creating 3D prosthetics to give wings to such athletes. The prosthetics are cheaper to design than the traditional ones and can be manufactured in no time. The leg or hand perfectly matches the sportsmen and allows them to compete in any sporting event.

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