3D Printing in the Automobile Industry

Since inception, the automobile sector has been reluctant to adapt the 3D printing technology. But, with the emerging requirement to build economical and safer vehicles, there is a pressing need to use the technology. The industry is wholeheartedly adopting to the shift in paradigm and coming up with unmatched designs. 3D printers not only help in improving the aesthetics of the design, but has a prowess to shorten the lead time.  As per a report by Materials (Metals, Polymers), Application (Prototyping & Tooling, R&D, Manufacturing), and Region – Global Trends and Forecast to 2020,  the 3D printing Automotive Market is likely to reach $1.56 billion by 2020. The technology is helping foster innovation, unleash creativity and opening limitless doors in the automobile industry. The additive manufacturing is hitting the roads like never before and changing the realm of the auto manufacturing sector.

how 3d printing is a game changer

1) 3d printing Transforms the supply chain

3D printing eliminates the need to produce final parts and tools because it first creates a 3D model for approval. It helps in cutting the lead time, which increases the market responsiveness. Furthermore, additive manufacturing uses necessary amount of material to build the prototype, which helps in reduction of the scrap. The technology is empowering the automobile sector to focus on on-demand and on-location production, which further curbs down the total inventory cost. In short, companies are leveraging the power of additive manufacturing to transform their supply chain. Without extensive capital deployment, companies are reaping fruitful benefits.

2) 3d printing Enhances prototyping

In the pre-manufacturing stage, the technology is offering rapid prototyping, which is lending a helping hand to the companies. With the help of 3D printing companies can now develop the parts and products faster. It is leading to enhanced efficiency, which has always been a matter of concern for the sector. Furthermore, the rapid prototyping is preventing to avoid possible design leaks and preventing infringement at all levels. The sector is riding high on the success of prototypes, which is helping increase the profit margin and reduce the potential errors in the manufacturing of a vehicle.

3) 3d printing Fosters product innovation

All the traditional manufacturing processes come with a limitation. But, additive manufacturing produces components with zero to nil limitations and fosters product innovation to the highest level. This comes handy when designing custom-made vehicles because companies can integrate any extra features without worrying about the complexity of the design. It helps in producing safer, lighter, reliable and efficient and faster vehicles of the future.

Looking at the range of capabilities, automobile manufacturing companies need to leverage the potential of 3D printing to stay afloat in the competition. The technology is bringing a rapid change in the low-margin, capital intensive sector by allowing companies to increase their customer base and profit margin. It is helping shape the global automotive landscape by bringing in technological changes.

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