What is the Future of Location-Based Virtual Reality?

Virtual reality (VR) entertainment and its significant use are probably capturing the attention of every sector, but location-based VR is the next big thing. As per the 2018 FutureSource Consulting VR report, the market for location-based VR is estimated at $800 million by 2022. Customers are likely to shell out $299 million alone in 2018 on location-based VR entertainment. Today, the immersive 360-degree videos no longer capture the attention of the target audience, the audience expects an enhanced and interactive experience which will surpass their expectations. It is called as out of home entertainment because it makes a customer step out of their house to a dedicated space where they can enjoy to their heart’s content.  It primarily includes establishments such as theme parks, casinos, water parks, movie theaters and bowling alley. The technology allows the customers to play high-end interactive games and provides a holistic experience. 

Here are a few advantages of location-based Virtual reality

1) vR Enhances the overall customer experience

Using home-based virtual reality apps and products has a certain limitation, for example, a sound system has a particular capacity. But, this issue is eliminated when customers use location-based VR. It offers a more productive experience because such apps have access to latest technologies. To further meet the expectation of the customer, companies craft a space based on a particular theme and allows the customer to walk through the area. It heightens the immersion of the customer because they physically cannot see the space because it perfectly syncs with the viewing of the headset. For example, if a customer walks past a boiler wearing the headset, they will feel the heat of the boiler and if a customer steps out of the house during the rainy season they will witness a shower of water even when it’s not raining. It is done by creating physical props and leaves a magical impact on the customers.

2) Virtual Reality Provides customers with more options

Virtual reality can quickly burn a hole in the pocket because it comes with a high price tag. As a result, only a few customers can enjoy the technology. However, location-based VR provides customers with more affordable options. Experiencing the game on IMAX theatre is far cheaper than experiencing it on a home-based application. With more options, game enthusiasts can experience something new each time they come into the playing arena. It helps in keeping the entertainment factor high and engages the customers like never before.

3) VR Builds emotional connection

In the gaming industry, creating an emotional connection with the audience is must to win the trust of the players. Movie theatres and theme parks are tapping the emotional connection of the audience with the help of location-based VR.

Companies are slowly leveraging the power of location-based virtual reality and opening new locations where customers can experience first class VR entertainment. The future of the technology seems bright and is likely to bridge the gap between companies and customers.

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