How is 3D Printing Changing the Shape of Global Industries?

In the past decade, 3D printing has evolved from being scientific to becoming a valuable tool in the arsenal of marketers and manufacturers. Since its inception, the technology has come a long way. In fact, we are a couple of decades away from the world wherein every home will have a 3D printer.  Earlier these printers were expensive and were largely used for industrial prototyping, but today the printers come in a range of different pricing points with a limitless variety of materials. From replicating human organs to constructing houses, there is nothing impossible with the additive manufacturing technology. Indeed, the 3D technology is bringing a landmark change in the entire world by bringing imagination to life.

Here are a few benefits of leveraging the technology to reach the target audience.

3d printing: Efficiency and innovation

Today, 3D printing is a boon for manufacturers across the globe who are looking for ways to enhance efficiency and innovation. The technology can produce made-to-measure and custom-made tools in a cost-effective way. Furthermore, if you’re creating a mold which costs $40,000 and each incremental part would cost $1. The mathematics works wonders if you’re producing millions of parts, but if you’re producing just 100 or 200 parts, the first part will cost around $40001. With 3D technology, there are no set-up costs because you only spend on purchasing the printer. Additionally, without spending on molds, manufacturers can focus on creating innovative designs without worrying about the actual cost.

Sky is the limit With 3D printing

As per a report by Wohler, in 2015 manufacturers sold more than 250,000 3D printers with a price less than $5000. The scope and extent of 3D technology are creating ripples in the niche market. For companies, holding inventory, stocking up the inventory is very expensive. Manufacturers find it challenging to cope-up with inventory, capital cost, warehousing, distribution, tracking, and insurance cost. But, with 3D printing companies no longer have to focus on stock inventory to meet the rising demand. With the technology, you make what you need and where you need it. Today, virtual inventory will enhance the efficiency and significantly reduces the capital cost for manufacturing companies.

Mass customization

Until recently, during joint replacement surgery, a nurse would bring a box directly into the operating theatre. And, based on the patient’s body the doctor will select the one which matches the joint of the patient. But, with additive manufacturing, doctors can scan the actual joint of the patient and create a perfect replica of the joint. The additive manufacturing technology is helping doctors to replace body parts without wasting time seamlessly. This is an example of mass customization wherein companies can replicate anything and everything under the sun. Furthermore, product customization is helping manufacturers and businesses to serve the customers in a better way. It is assisting manufacturers to increase their profit and build a strong and loyal customer base.

The possibilities of growth and innovation with 3D printers are endless, and companies are leveraging the power of technology to seize the upcoming opportunities.

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