How Is Augmented Reality Changing the Face of Medicine?

Today, augmented reality is changing how people live, learn and work. There is one industry in particular which is realizing the staggering benefits of AR – the medical sector. Medical companies across the globe are using the futuristic technology to aid complicated surgeries, alleviate pain, relieve autistic kids, and manage rehab. The tremendous potential of AR is widely used for healing and well-being of the masses. With AR, the companies can put information into eyesight within an instant. These unique features are empowering AR to become a driving force in the future of medicine. A part from revolutionizing the face of medicine, the cost-related barriers disappear and in the future, medicine will become more affordable for everyone.

Locate Emergency Equipment faster with augmented reality

How would you feel if a friend walking next to you suddenly collapses? Your mind would be filled with a plethora of things, such as calling the family members or rushing your friend to the hospital. In any case, you’re bound to reach for your cell phone. Augmented reality can help you by locating nearby defibrillators. With AR, you can project the exact location and help those who are in need. Without wasting a single second, you can provide medication to your friend and save his life. The immersive technology brings a crucial piece of information closer to people who are in danger.

augmented reality: helping mothers with breastfeeding

Motherhood is a blessing, but it comes with significant responsibilities. New mothers may find it a daunting task to breastfeed the little one, but by using Google glasses, new mothers can learn the art of breastfeeding. Using augmented reality, companies empower their telephone counselors to help coach new mothers. New mothers can talk to experts at any time.  

Assistance in spine surgery

Furthermore, medical companies are adopting this technology to help surgeons carry out successful spine surgeries. Using the AR head-mounted display, surgeons can see the patient’s anatomy, even through tissues and skin! The display allows you to explore the spinal parts just like an X-ray. The system can easily project the anatomy of the patient in real-time and display it directly onto the retina of the surgeon. The technology is increasing safety in surgery, and helping surgeons carry out complex operations.

Augmented reality is likely to bring a difference in the healthcare sector and will change the face of medicine in the coming years.

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