What does the Future Holds for Augmented Reality?

Today, augmented reality has moved its base from science fiction intention to science-based realism. The technology superimposes virtual objects in the world around us allowing us to mix reality with fiction. According to experts, the AR market is likely to reach £122 billion by 2024. For customers, it’s the start of a new wave of technology because Pokémon Go encouraged people to step out of their house and play a virtual game in the real world. It was a dream come true for many customers because it made them believe that the game exists in reality. The technology is already creating ripples in the sports industry wherein the helmets of NFL players will provide vital statistics to the players and will enable quarterbacks to see the targets. The future belongs to the immersive technology like AR, and in the coming years, it will become a potential business requirement.

Here are a few things to look out for in the future.

Expect the unexpected

According to analysts, soon augmented reality will reach a phase in which it will be playful. This experimentation is likely to broaden the horizon of AR. The technology will disrupt unimaginable sectors such as mining, aerospace, and aeronautics in the coming years. Currently, we are in a state where AR apps have just started to evolve. And, the unexpected has already happened because in 2017 Apple unveiled the AR kit. The kit enables developers working on the AR app to integrate the digital experience into the physical world. Similarly, more and more companies are likely to adapt to the immersive technology to grow their customer base and provide seamless customer experience. Without a doubt, in the next 3-4 years, AR will be a future battleground just like social media where different platforms are striving hard to attract the customers to their platform.

changes in marketing

Over the years, online customers have embraced the AR technology because of the massive success of Pokémon Go. And, it has become an innovative and creative way to connect with the target audience. Advertising companies particularly are likely to reap benefits of the AR in the future. These companies will improve the way they communicate with clients. For instances, with the help of AR, advertising companies can create 3D ads to enhance the peripheral vision of the customers. Furthermore, due to high resolution, AR allows an advertiser to generate detailed ads.

Increase in number of augmented reality customers

With several apps already making way, customers are finding it easy to use AR apps. As more and more interactive apps such as Google Translate, Flirtar, Ink Hunter, etc., are making way to the market more customers are joining with the augmented reality technology. Furthermore, AR can connect with the emotional aspect and urges the customer to use the app.

Augmented reality opens new window and market to offer a new experience to the target audience.

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