How is the Furniture Industry Benefitting from 3D Laser Scanning?

The furniture industry is forever looking for a myriad of ways to replicate products with accuracy and perfection. Today, 3D laser scanning technology is transforming the way designers create, produce and manufacture different furniture. The scanners accurately capture the surface points, extrapolates the precise shape of the component, thereby taking an exact measurement. Furthermore, using the 3D sizes, you can quickly make minor changes in the model to provide the efficient and eloquent design. From lamps to chairs, from tables to decorative items, 3D scanning technology is providing an array of options to customers. In the past several years, the technology has created ripples and is shaking up some industries and the trend is likely to continue to turn the furniture business upside down in the coming years.

Here are a few reasons how the technology is a boon for the home décor and furniture industry.

3D laser scanning: Bringing a change in the design process

One aspect of furniture design which consumes a great deal of time and money is the design process. Usually, companies create prototypes using wood, test different models and rework on the pieces to provide an outcome. However, 3D laser scanning allows the designers to streamline the process, simplify the entire procedure and reduce the cost. Being able to create prototypes quickly and without shelling out dollars, empowers the designers to test their creativity and create innovative furniture design. The ability to electronically sketch the designs are allowing designers to print home décor items and furniture at an affordable rate. Using the innovative technology, designers have managed to successfully create Eiffel chairs, which is unique in its way.

Bringing a manufacturing revolution

Apart from empowering the designers to create complex designs, the additive manufacturing technology is making cheaper for new players to enter the furniture business. When designers spend less time on designs, the production rate increase, allowing the companies to send products to the market faster. The technology is a boon for designers and manufacturers looking to create awesome designs without spending much on the material and design aspect.

3D laser scanning is Brining the virtual world closer to real life

Today, fancy and eye-catching furniture and home décor items are no longer a dream. Thanks to 3D laser scanning, designers can create amazing designs and bridge the gap between the virtual and real world. When customers get their dream design without loitering in the market, it increases customer engagement and enhances the revenue. It’s inspiring designers to unleash their creativity and come up with models, which are loved by everyone.

Today, the furniture industry is no longer dependent upon a single raw material such as wood because consumers are ready to explore other materials such as metals and plastics. Since its inception, the furniture design firms are increasing their bottom-line with 3D laser scanning and reducing the waste significantly. The technology is changing the landscape of furniture manufacturing and making high-class furniture affordable for everyone.

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