Human Robots Use 3D Laser Scanning

Technology aids in creating amazing human-like features

As we become more dependent on technology, it is no wonder consumers are now wondering when robots will become part of every household. But as another human look alike. For a few years, a few companies have been working on developing robots that are human-like with human characteristics. Soon enough, technology and art used to create humanoid robots will be outstanding, and it will be the hottest trend in our society.

Engineered Arts started in 2004 and was founded by Will Jackson. They were based out of Falmouth, Cornwall, and began developing robots. One year later, in 2005, they decided to take their robots to the next level by making them appear to be human. They took artists from around the area and engineers. They worked together to create realistic humanoid robots. To this day, they are still working on it and achieving beautiful things along the way.

This company uses the latest technology, including 3D laser scanning and printing to create realistic faces with the right expressions, and even actual teeth. Every robot they make has as much detail as a real human would. They focus on individual hair follicles, facial features, and much more. It creates an insanely, realistic-looking human.

What is 3D laser Scanning

This technology uses laser lights to capture points on an object. It gathers precise information that a human would never be able to notice. It then creates a 3D files that can be stored and saved forever. In the file, you will find the data gathered, like texture, color, dimensions, indents, scratches, and anything in between. 3D laser scanning is beyond accurate and leaves out no information. If you scan an object thoroughly, there will be nothing left out in the 3D file.

Once the 3D file is made, it is stored in the cloud. When it hits cyberspace, it can never be deleted, making it one of the best references for any future projects. You will be able to compare all the new and previous files. After that, the information can be sent across the globe, 3D printed or developed into virtual reality.

Benefits of 3D laser scanning

3D laser scanning is not only accurate but is a noninvasive way to collect the information needed to do a project. There is very little human interaction involved, and the equipment is easy to maneuver. It is a budget-friendly tool that can help professionals in various fields, preserve and collect data in a straightforward manner. This fantastic technology is always being redesigned, and companies are based around getting the best version on the market, making it a competitive business that suits consumer needs.

How 3D laser scanning can change our world

This technology allows us to view the world differently. It is now helping us create human-like robots that will even further enrich our lives. As we find more ways to use 3D laser scanning, more versions will come out with more features that will help us create a brighter future and a better quality of living.

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