Preserved Bullets to Remember JFK Assassination

3D laser scanning picks up minute details

For the past few years, 3D laser scanning continuously changed our world. It has created a competitive market, every company in the field is coming out with new and better versions that are dedicated to consumer needs. Many professionals in various fields have adopted this technology because of its multiple uses.

One massive moment in history that we will never forget was the John F Kennedy assassination. As a society, we were shocked, it is something we tell and teach our kids and will continue to tell as a massive historical moment in America. Researchers all over the world have started using 3D laser scanning to help preserve historical moments like this.

How? Researchers have figured out a way to digitally preserve the bullet used to kill JFK. The 3D laser scanning device was able to pick up small details that are hard for others to see. It was able to create an exact replica of a historical object most of us would not get to see. Creating a digital copy is a way of sharing information with the public. The bullets themselves were ordinary; however, the event they set in place changed the future.

How 3D laser scanning preserves artifacts

3D laser scanning is one of the best noninvasive ways to capture details of an object. It uses lights that roam over an object creating digital points to pick up details. There are two other lasers that move to pick up the changes in distance, helping create a more complete and accurate digital copy of an object.

Using this technology, it takes less time than having someone make a copy by hand. It is by far way more accurate and can be kept in the cloud forever. Once it is in the cloud, it cannot be deleted or removed; it is preserved forever. This makes it one of the best places to look at for future references. Every detail is stored and can be shared.

Benefits of 3D laser scanning

This technology picks up much more detail than any pair of eyes could. It is noninvasive, meaning it won’t harm the object, which is perfect for ancient or historical artifacts. It is precise in what details it captures, it can obtain things like texture, color, size, dimensions, holes, scratches, and much more. This technology can even be used to pick up fingerprints and preserve them! 3D laser scanning is also relatively budget-friendly compared to other ways of preserving artifacts.

How it’s changing our world

As new versions of 3D laser scanning hit the market, we are finding new ways to use it to better our quality of life. For example, police are installing this technology in accident-prone places around the world. Forensic investigators are using 3D laser scanning to collect information on a crime scene. This technology is being used in construction sites to create a better work environment for the construction crews. There are many ways this technology is useful, and it will continue to be adopted globally.

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