Protective Masks for Healthcare Workers

Using technology to help fight the coronavirus

Our world is continuously changing, and one of the most significant changes we have seen has come from the virus known as coronavirus. In just a short period, we went from bustling countries to full-on lock-down mode. Now we are all working together to stay safe, prevent the spread of the virus, and find a vaccine that will save our loved ones.

Many companies that have access to 3D laser scanning devices have completely switched focus to help prevent the spread of the disease. One of these companies is called Superfeet, a fantastic company that already focuses on consumer needs has changed gears. Instead of making things that they are known for, they have switched to helping make protective equipment for our doctors and nurses.

Instead of creating new custom shoes, they reached out to their local community and asked how they could help. Part of the company’s morals is to give back to the community, they go where they are needed. Right now, the world requires PAPR, this is a personal protective hood with respirators. This equipment helps save the people who put their lives at risk to help the sick people.

Everything Superfeet has done or was in the middle of doing was put on hold. They turned to their 3D laser scanning devices and started working on custom designs for this protective equipment and sending it to the community and hospitals in need. It’s a fantastic company that will forever have community support.

History of 3D laser scanning

3D laser scanning was initially made to preserve objects in 2D to later study them. It was developed in the 1960s but didn’t gain adoption until the 1990s after some of the kinks were worked out. It started out as giant pieces of equipment and has now turned into small handheld devices that are easy to use.

It captures information on an object and creates a digital copy that is stored in the cloud. Once it is stored, it cannot be deleted, it is the perfect place to hold information if you want to use it as a future reference. It captures all sorts of small details, like scratches, holes, dimensions, size, texture, and much more. In this case, it can obtain a person’s head structure, and then from the details it gathers, the developers can create custom masks for the individual that can save their lives.

3D laser scanning is a noninvasive way to capture details. Not only that, when it is paired with 3D printing, but there is also less human interaction. This saves a lot of germs from being spread. When we touch things less but create protective gear, it stops the spread of bacteria, and this in itself can help save lives too.

3D laser scanning is helping us fight the virus

Many people all over the world have adopted this technology and aimed it at saving lives. It has been slowly approved throughout hospitals for various uses. For instance, it can take full-body scans of a patient without making them uncomfortable. It collects images above the patients’ skin, as well as inside of their bodies. It can also help take molds of someone’s body. Instead of wrapping a patient in a cast to create a back brace, the doctors can simply scan a patient gathering accurate dimensions and sizes. 3D laser scanning has been used by doctors, and now it is our turn to use it on them to help save their lives.

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