Improving the Egg with 3D Laser Scanning Services

Can perfection be improved by 3D laser scanning services?

How do you improve perfection? That is the question that needs no answer. At least that’s what you might think. Today I am here to tell you that you can improve on perfection.  The way that you do it is to find a way to show that it is not so perfect. Find a way to show how it could be even better. The egg is a good example. People say that the egg is the perfect design. Its shell is so fragile, but its unique design makes it really strong. How can I show that the egg is not perfect. The easiest way to do that is to backslap  Humpty-Dumpty and send him off the wall. That’s really not what we are talking about. There just may be a way to improve the egg using 3D laser scanning services. At least, that’s what some people think.

Perfect it with your face using 3D scanning services

At this point you are probably thinking that this article is going to turn out to be a big nothing burger with all the fixings (hold the pickles). I assure you that it is not (unless you consider your face to be a joke. What could make an egg more beautiful and well designed that have it graced with your face? You heard me right. I am talking about a chocolate egg that has the shape of your face. I kid you not, sweet cheeks. There are some guys out there working on a project called Eat Your Face. They decided to take egotism to the next level by letting you make a chocolate egg of yourself using 3D laser scanning services. Why? That question I cannot answer. I can only guess. The only guess I have is that they are tired of bars, bunnies. Maybe they just do it because they can.

Put your face on the egg

So how do you put your face on a chocolate egg? The secret, as mentioned above, is 3D laser scanning services. The company scans your face using a 3D laser scanner that saves the 3D image of your face into digital form. From there they can use 3D printing to carve a face out of a piece of chocolate. The computer sends the design to a 3D printer that carved the face out of the piece of chocolate. That basically all there is too it.  The end result I guess depends on how good looking your are. If you are not so confident about your looks, I can guarantee that as a chocolate egg you will taste great!

In conclusion I would say that the egg can be improved on (if it is chocolate) using 3D laser scanning services. There are a few people out there, though (including me, myself, and I), who feel that this is a waste of time, energy, and chocolate (due to the loss during the carving process).  I suppose if someone gave me their personalized chocolate face to eat that I would eat it. I would do so not because their face was carved in the chocolate, but just because I love chocolate.

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