iPhone Rumors About 3D Laser Scanning Services

What are they doing with 3D scanning services?

On the count of three I want everyone to take their hands and shove it Into your pockets. Squeeze and pull out. My guess it that you just pulled out a mobile phone. I am also guessing that you pulled out an iPhone. I know that some of you use other brands, but chances are good that you did. Rumor has it that over 80% of teenagers are using iPhone. That is quite a large hunk of users. Something tells me Apple makes a pretty good product. Why is that? It seems that other phone makers also offer a lot of the same features as iPhone. The only thing that I can think of is that they have the edge on quality and putting out new features faster than everybody else. I hear that they are coming out with a new product that has to do with 3D laser scanning services.

Some 3D laser scanning in 2020

The rumor mill is rumbling again. When the iPhone grape vine starts dropping grapes then iPhone people start lining up outside the store. The rumor has it that Apple is working on a new phone feature that has to do with 3D technology. That should not surprise us at all since all the rustle these days is about augmented reality. It isn’t if they are going to if they are going to put a 3D camera on their phone, but when are they going to do that. Don’t be rushing to the line yet, though. Word is going around that it may be coming out in 2020. How do I know that? I don’t know. Maybe some employee accidentally left his beta testing iPhone at the laundry mat. All I know is that whenever a new rumor pops up about iPhone, they often turn out to be true.

More than just your face

So what do we know about this supposed technology using 3D laser scanning services that might possibly by chance be coming out in 2020? What I do know is that it is going to be a much better camera than what is in place now. It will allow the user to take a 360 degree video that has a range from some point between 10 to 20 feet away. Right now the iPhone 3D camera can only do a very limited distance enough to do 3D facial recognition.  I am sure that if it comes out with such a camera, that it will definitely come with some features and tools to go with it.

Time will tell if all of this talk is true. I’m guessing that it is, since people are really interested in augmented reality. It is one of those get on the bus or be left on the side of the road in a mud puddle in the pouring rain. iPhone is not known for being left behind. In fact they are usually the ones driving the bus. If the other guys don’t get on the ball with 3D laser scanning services, then they will be bumped to the curb with the rest of the wannabes.

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