3d face

Combining Art With 3D Technology

Projection mapping of the human face has been a staple of Japanese artist Nobumichi Asai. With highly detailed and beautiful renderings, his installations leave viewers spellbound. His works challenge innovative visual arts by bringing advertisement, design and both ideas of art and programming together. He has recently come out with a new installation called Kagami, a real-time face generator.Here’s how it works: Someone stands in front of the face scanner and a 3D model is created of their face. Then the face is projected onto 5,000 controlled by actuators to get the 3D shape of the face. Then sit back and enjoy the many design variations that then appear seamlessly onto the 3D projection of your face.

Art of the Future

This innovative combination of art and technology is truly mesmerizing and is a true example of how 3D technologies are making a huge impact on the way we interact with not only technology but also the world around us.Take a look at the video below to see this amazing installation for yourself and look at some of Nobumichi Asai’s previous works here. Although we do not offer 3D facial recognition scanning, if you’re in need of 3D scanning services for your future projects, Arrival 3D has you covered. For more information regarding our fast, reliable & cost effective 3D scanning services, click here