PerformancE automotive scanning

More and more, the automotive performance aftermarket industry is utilizing 3D technology to deliver extremely precise and innovative designs. We recently had the pleasure of scanning a Porsche GT3RS hatch and rear end. Our client was looking to create custom fabricated parts for the rear end of this extremely sleek and powerful vehicle.

Equipped with our new EviXscan HD Optima structured light scanner, we simply needed to apply targets to the rear end of the GT3RS and apply some light talcum powder spray for preparation. After that, it was just a matter of positioning the scanner across various scanning points along the rear end. In no time, we had a completed and aligned model of the rear end of the GT3RS. The versatility of the HD Optima allowed us to capture the vehicle’s sleek geometry on-location within a matter of hours

3D Scanning: The Design Process Solution

With the completed and precise model of the rear end, our client is able to now design their own custom fabricated parts for manufacturing. It really goes to show how fast the industry is changing in terms of design, manufacturing, and inspection. With more and more aftermarket and racing shops looking to gain an edge, 3D scanning technologies are truly the way to go. For more information regarding our 3D scanning services, click here. For more information regarding the equipment we used for this particular job, click here.

3D scan porsche