Your new home thanks to large format 3d printing

Buying a home may some day be similar to ordering a cake, created from scratch.

When compared to the traditional methods that have long been applied to building the houses that make up our communities, the benefits of large format 3D printing services to create homes are so numerous that many may even instinctively think that it´s about damn time! Within the context of a world that´s experiencing detrimental climate change perhaps the biggest driver for new ways of construction ought to be to find ways of reducing environmental damage to reconcile, at least in part, human expansion the adverse effects that it is having on the planet that we love. We need to become more creative with how we put up the most common man-made structures in our ever growing world, and not just for the sake of environmental consciousness, we may have dropped the ball on developing personalized homes that are within reach, budgetary-wise, of those who mean a lot to us.

The interesting thing about the large format 3D printing services approach is that it could have profound, long lasting effects in how houses are built and conceived. The market as it stands is pretty well poised to sell these newer, less expensive homes, particularly because as they gain steam they can be designed to be more and more specialized. In this manner they can really cater to a an assortment of demographics.  From the very beginning a design may be constructed to meet a family’s specific needs and unique personalities. This is sure to be appealing to all kinds of people that are putting down their hard earned money and would like to see something erected that reflects the way their lifestyles are and how they would like to go about their intimate business rather than just what´s in their wallet.

You may have your doubts as to the possibility for using large format 3D printing services to print a house, after all it is a big job that requires lots of special planning and organizational forces, however, when you see it with your own eyes you´ll find that it makes complete sense. The principles are much the same as any large format 3D printing service that´s out on the market today, you just need an extra large machine that can dispense concrete like Spain´s very first patented patented large format 3D printer that can accomplish just that. The company is called Be-More-3D and their Chief Executive Officer Vicente Ramirez, who collaborated with the University of Valencia and 3 other young men for over 3 years to develop it, explains that ¨it works like a concrete pastry bag, which deposits concrete in a continuous flowing motion.¨ They claim that it can reduce the cost of construction when compared to more traditional means, that are considerably more noisy, dusty and necessitates many more laborers, by an impressive 35%. Speed is also a big selling point for Be-More-3D and they assert that for this very reason it has pretty big humanitarian applications as it can build a completed structure that can be used to house up to 25 people in a matter of only 5 hours. Another big plus for it´s use in many circumstances is it´s size as it is a relatively small unit that can be sent to most anywhere in the world with considerable ease. 

This new form of construction is something no one has tried before and as such the limitations and possibilities are still kind of up in the air. There´s something to be said about having a home that´s trying to venture into new territories of form to establish a new definition of quality of life. In the past it has been a costly proposition to realize what would be considered an odd design, but this may all change and it could become the most natural thing for families trying to build new lives to do. 

With such an established home construction culture a number of people feel that it´s been a long time coming. Finally we´re starting to build where we live in a manner that’s somewhat similar to the assembly lines of futuristic movies we have so often have seen for many decades. When you take a look at some of the designs that are being put forth by large format 3D printing service companies they’re anything but normal looking. However, we should all keep in mind that many new things look odd at first glance and oftentimes just take some time getting used to before they catch on, but who knows how exactly these new house designs will be generally received? It isn´t hard to imagine that those who worked so hard to build their traditional homes would be inclined to think of these new simpler construction as inferior. 

Perhaps it will feel all too natural visiting a friend´s house that may be described as collection of erratically stacked blocks. This last description is simplistic, but in reality the possibilities with this new construction method is quite endless and through trial and error there are almost no limitations. If this new way of making homes gains traction and garners a popular following when you want to live in a place that say looks like a giant apple or a smiling jack-o-lantern, you can go ahead and commission one, all without costing you an absolute fortune either.

While we like to think that our homes are true representations of our tastes and who we are, the possibilities are usually pretty limited and therefore fairly repetitive when we take the time to browse around the market. When reflecting on how numerous we are as a species it really is kind of nuts when it comes down to it, considering that although we are all quite similar, we can also be so different from one another. This latter part should be preserved by maintaining a wide variety of tastes that help to define us the individuals that make our world so rich.

As society continues to branch out in all kinds of novel directions, in search for better lives, it seems only sensible that we count on construction methods that have the capacity to be as flexible and adaptable as we are. With all the technological innovations that are changing the way we behave, people are more receptive than ever to new ways of living and aren’t overly self conscious about what a home means. The freedom that comes with 3D design should serve to put behind us the idea of thinking of the places we live in terms of status symbols.

A big indication there there has been something lacking in our real estate culture is that buying a house tends to be seen more as a bothersome chore rather than an enriching experience that helps in defining us as people who are trying to carve out a place in our big, bustling world. A quality home is where we can and want to regroup and tackle each day in the best ways and to do this we do need to feel at a certain depth that we made it what it is. 

As we look to the future who´s to say where large format 3D printing services will lead. In due time, you´ll probably be able to design your own pool in the shape that you want or a skate park for the kids or who knows what that we have yet to think of. 

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