How is the Logistics Industry Moving Ahead with Augmented Reality?

Today augmented reality services are poised to bring a paradigm shift in manufacturing and logistics. With the power to superimpose holographic instructions in the real world, AR is proving as the next revolution in the logistics sector. The technology is creating a world where you can get detailed information about everything you see.  Even though AR is in early stages of adoption, it’s offering significant benefits to warehouses and logistics industry. Imagine an efficient logistics warehouse wherein a worker can sort different packages during manual picking and sort them in the respective shelves using a handheld AR device. Today, AR has evolved from a novel technology to a technology capable of revolutionizing the way business is done.

Here are a few potential applications of AR in logistics which will help companies take the customer experience to a different level.

1) Augmented reality Pick as you see – Optimized picking

Even with the increasing penetration of technology, a plethora of logistics companies around the world relies on the pen and paper approach for the picking process. It is a time consuming and strenuous process, which is prone to human errors. But, with augmented reality services, employees can walk around the warehouse hands-free and pick items as and when they’re displayed. When an employee picks the item, the AR device scans the item using the bar code and verifies whether the product or item picked it correct or not. By using such a system, every worker in the warehouse can see the digital picking list in their field of vision and see the shortest route to reach it. Furthermore, AR is reducing the time required to orientate a new employee and bridging language barriers for migrant employees.

2) Plan accurately – augmented reality Warehouse planning

AR is likely to streamline the planning as well. Today, around the world, the word warehouse is not synonymous to just a storeroom where inventory is stocked. Warehouses have become a house of value-added services such as repair, packaging and product labeling. Using AR, companies can visualize the entire design and planned arrangement and propose future or present modifications. Using the AR devices, the logistics companies can whether the measurement of a unit will fit the place or not. Augmented reality services are primarily helping businesses reduce the cost of warehouse redesign and planning.

warehouse augmented reality

3) Be 100% sure – Completeness and accuracy check

In the future, AR devices or collectors will give a quick glance at the load to check whether it’s complete or not. Currently, companies using manual checking or barcode scanners to check the number of items. In the coming years, using an AR device, logistic companies can scan the parcel and ensure 100% accuracy. The augmented reality wearable devices will separate defective items. To add icing to the cake, AR devices will successfully register an order which is ready for pick-up. The technology is likely to boost customer experience, reduce the procurement time, check for accuracy and detect damages.

In the coming years, the customer’s perception of the logistics sector is likely to undergo a sea change because AR will change the perception of the customers.

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