MacBook Will Be Evolving

Apple is leading the industry in 3d laser technology

Apple has been one of the best name brands when it comes to phones and computers. Everyone with a serious job that involves a lot of home computer work will investigate a MacBook at some point in their career. College students who have an insane workload will be tempted to invest in a MacBook because of their high-quality materials and well-known name. Being well-known Apple is always trying to improve and upgrade their products. The latest news in Apple world is that they may be coming out with a MacBook that uses 3D laser scanning to sign users in.

There have been a few new Apple patents that could point to this happening soon. This month, Apple will be releasing its latest version of the desktop computer, which will have its own Apple processor inside. Things are changing rapidly in technology, especially in Apple products. They are creating a competitive market. If they start using 3D laser scanning devices embedded in their computers, everyone else will follow this trend.

3D laser scanning and computers

Using 3D laser scanning to update the security on our computers is going to be essential. We are becoming more attached to technology. If you ask any millennial, they will agree, that most if not all of their personal information is somewhere on their computer. Making sure your computer is not hacked, broken into, or anything else is one of the most crucial things to keep safe. A 3D laser scanning device can scan a person’s face and make sure it is one of the registered users before letting them in. This could be Apple’s most significant security achievement and would work a lot like unlocking a phone with facial recognition.

Is 3D laser scanning safe

The great news about adopting 3D laser scanning in a computer is that it is entirely safe. The face looking at the camera will be scanned using light beams, and it will cause no harm. It will not penetrate the skin, it will not cause radiation poisoning, and it will be totally noninvasive. This technology may have once been harmful to humans to stand in front of, but it is no longer like that and will leave no damage to your body.

How does it work

3D laser scanning devices and equipment use cameras and lasers to measure out objects and landscapes. The cameras take pictures at high speed, thousands per second, while the laser beam bounces over an object and measures the distance of the strand of light. The incredible thing about this equipment is that it can detect tiny details that may usually go unnoticed.

This technology captures things like shape, size, dimensions, texture, colors, and anything in between. 3D laser scanning can be one of the best ways to upgrade a security system and make it almost impossible to hack into. Anyone who is not the user will not be allowed in.

Apple is creating a competitive market

When one massive brand changes pieces of their design, most other competing companies follow. We could be seeing that 3D laser scanning is entering many more companies that produce laptops, tablets, and desktop computers. Technology is evolving rapidly, and we are trying to catch up.

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